The Lazy Way to Improve Your Mood and Connect to Inner Peace

by Solvita Bennett on July 9, 2011

Discover How to Improve Your Mood and Connect to Inner Peace Instantly


"To create well I have to be in a good mood, happy and cool."

Marc Newson

… Do you feel that your mood is letting you down?

… Do you wonder how can some people appear to be in a good mood most of the time?

… What is that magic pill to keep your mood in balance?

… How can I be in charge of my mood regardless of any situations?

…If any of the above questions enter your mind, or you just want to know how to feel good, this article is for you!

Today I’m going to write about the reasons we need to keep our sprits high and our mood balanced and also the lazy, easy shortcut to achieve a good mood instantly.

The reason for too much suffering and losing our inner peace is that most of the time people don’t know how to keep their spirits high and be in a good mood. Why is being in good mood such a big deal? Well the problem is that when we are not – we are disconnected from our inner peace and well being.


When we are in good mood it is a sign of us being connected to our Higher Selves, God, Universe or Source…We allow healing, life giving energy to flow through us. This affects not only us as individuals, but also others. It is an amazing energy that creates worlds and you feel like being in a flow, connected to creative sources and in power.

The hardest part is to maintain the flow for longer and longer periods of time and so being in a good mood, is vital to be able to do it.

When we are in a bad mood too often, we are cut off from healing and life giving energy which we receive from God, Universe or Source, and so might feel ill, tired, bored, stressed, worried and unhappy… There is no need for us to feel this way, and to change mood is not as hard as it might seem :)

What do you do when suddenly you feel your mood is changing? How can you control it?

As you may know mood is a state of mind. Every emotion we feel during the day also changes our state of mind and so changes our mood. The thread of thought leads us to our emotions:

Good Thoughts —-> Good Emotions —-> Good State of Mind —-> Good Mood

Bad Thoughts —->  Bad Emotions —-> Bad State of Mind —-> Bad Mood

By 'good' I mean the thought that makes you happy and by 'bad' I mean the thought that makes you sad.

Whenever we feel bad emotions and bad mood, it is just an indication that whatever we were thinking is not serving us. These can be thoughts of fear, worry, unworthiness…these thoughts are far from love, acceptance and appreciation.

Whenever we feel good emotions and are in a good mood, it is an indication that we are thinking positive, uplifting and pleasing thoughts.

You can analyze the thoughts, however the more you analyze them the more you will think about the same subject and the art is to move away from these thoughts, so we can give space to something much better :)

We have to ignore the thoughts we were just thinking and start thinking of something else.

The easiest and I call it laziest way to change your mood is to move your attention to any subject or object that you can appreciate. The important part here is to really feel the feeling of appreciation as much as possible. The actual feeling is going to be the key to your state of mind and so the improved mood.

The most important part is just to begin, when you begin it becomes easier and easier to find more and more things to be appreciative about. As you may know like attracts like and the more you think of something pleasing the more you will have access to the same kind of thoughts and therefore your point of attraction will change.

Our brain is made for love, and only, when we think of something that is not love, it makes us feel bad, it is against the nature. Appreciation is the same feeling as love. The feeling of appreciation is the only feeling that can shift your mood instantly…

Here are some examples:

"This is nice…these flowers that I bought today, the colours are so vibrant – I like it very much. …I like my outfit, it fit’s me very well and I feel good in it….."

…it can be anything that you love and appreciate, even simple things around you. There are no rules, it's all about you and what makes you feel good and full of appreciation.

Just find more and more things that you feel appreciative about. The more you will find the better your mood will be. Feel the feeling of appreciation and you will see your mood change.

Let's just see what the simple action steps are:

#1 Become aware of thoughts you had as soon as you start feeling your mood changes to worse.

#2 Ignore the thoughts by placing your focus and attention on things that you appreciate.

#3 Feel the feeling of appreciation as much as you can.

#4 Spend some time finding more and more things that you love and feel the feeling of appreciation.

#5 Now enjoy your life and be happy – you are in the flow! :)

You might have no choice over many situations in life, though you always have a choice on what to think. It might be hard at first, but with more and more practise you can become very masterful. Universe is on your side, friendly and secure. Join the flow of life and feel connected to it. You are naturally connected to it, the only time you are not, is when you don’t let it. I appreciate you reading this!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you! :)


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