How do I find Inner Peace – When Faced With Anger

by Solvita Bennett on July 2, 2011

Simple Tips on How to Find Inner Peace When Faced with ANGER…

"A man is about as big as the things that make him angry"

Mark Twain


… Would you like to feel strong and in control when someone gets mad at you?

… Do you wonder why you start feeling angry as soon as someone shows anger towards you?

… Do the situations where dealing with angry people arise often?

… Are people you love showing anger towards you for no apparent reason and you don't know what to do?

…Well being angry can be healthy … if you read my free report you know where I'm coming from :). However what can we do when we are suddenly faced with anger from outside and feel that we don't have any control over it?

In times when you are dealing with people who can't control their anger you may ask yourself these questions: How do I find inner peace? or How to get peace in life? It is a challenge which can be difficult to overcome! However in this article I'm going to share with you some easy tips to deal with these situations, it will help you and lead you to mastery of your emotions to give you self-control, confidence, power and inner peace.

…I know very well what anger is, as when I was a child I was faced with it daily. My father was an angry man, which I think influenced me deeply. From that experience I picked up unnecessary baggage, which I had to deal with later in my life, to work on my own anger and also the way I respond to anger from outside.

When we are faced with loads of anger in an early life it sticks to us, and most of the people unconsciously feel anger often, others even show it often and are not aware they do it. People assume that showing anger towards others is a norm as they have been faced with anger from outside so many times in the past. Sometimes we know that we are angry and can’t stop this feeling. It is good to learn to deal with anger and also good to know what to do when faced with anger from outside.

When you are faced with angry people, it seems to be out of your control. And it is true as you can't control others and never will be able to. However we can deal with them in a calm, controlled and powerful way.

Why are we faced with anger from outside? Life is life and it happens, we can't predict what other people can say or do. When people show their anger it is not a pretty site, as it is a weakness. People who can show anger and can’t control themselves – demonstrate their inability to be in charge of their emotions and behaviour. They might feel threatened, in fear, as they are separated from God, Universe or Source. They might think that they are not as good as you are and might feel intimidated or competitive. The anger never comes from the place of alignment with your higher self, God, Universe or Source; it comes from misalignment. When you now see where it all comes from, you might feel sorry for the person who shows the anger towards you. The person might not realize due to the lack of knowledge. There might be a difficult situation when a person you are dealing with belongs to your family or circle of friends, however you might have to make some hard decisions as to stop the friendship or talk about this issue. We can control ourselves, but there is no way we can do it with others. The only way you can help yourself is to control your own emotions and remain strong, positive no matter what.

"He who angers you, conquers you."

Elizabeth Kenny

Let's look at some simple tips for INNER PEACE when faced with ANGER from outside:

  •  Keep calm and centred. Remember to breathe and feel sorry for the person who can’t control their own emotions. When you fully understand where the anger comes from it can’t make you join the emotion. The person showing this negative emotion is just an ego wanting more life, it is not real and it is not true. It is done mainly unconsciously and it never leads to any good. The art is not to lose control and answer anger with anger, the art is to be able to remain calm, strong and in control.
  • Don’t engage in angry conversation, excuse yourself if possible. You always have a choice. Never join the negative energy of anger, it will weaken you and you’ll lose your power.
  • Imagine that you are not really you, but someone else, and all the anger which is aimed at you is actually aimed at someone else. This is very powerful as when you can dissociate from the situation, it’s much easier to keep calm and under control, as you wouldn’t take it personally.
  • Forgive the person after the event. You don’t have to be friends with someone to forgive them. In my free report I show the way of forgiveness which is very effective. It will help you to free yourself from all the negativity of the situation and move on with your life with high energy and inner peace. Don’t entertain your thoughts about the situation and place you focus on much better things in life.
  •  Remember when you can do the tips above – you are showing yourself how amazing you can be, how strong and powerful you really are. The life is too short to live from the place of anger there is much more fun and happiness to experience and have.

…It might sound a bit too easy, especially when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, however the more we grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, the easier it is to deal with it, and when we are in alignment with God, Universe or Source – similar situations are going to have less access to us, as the point of attraction will be different. There is no way we can control everything that happens to us or what "we attract", there is only a way to find that place of inner peace within us, connect to it and face the challenges from there when they arise.

When there is no anger, there is only wisdom left…

You don’t deserve unfairness in life, however life happens and you might not have control over the events and situations, however you can be in control over your behaviour, attitude, thinking and emotions. When you can be in touch with your inner peace regardless of outside events and circumstances that is when you’ve reached complete mastery of yourself. I’m still learning and practising this, it gets better and better…and it will for you too!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you! :)


  Solvita Bennett is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.

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Noah Garcia July 28, 2011

Thanks for posting this article. You point out some good tips for dealing with anger. It’s important not to allow someone’s anger to affect our response. It can be difficult at times, but is important to manage in order to have positive results. I think there is power in calmness and patience. What do you think? Thanks again :-)


Solvita Bennett July 28, 2011

Yes Noah – that is where the power is! It is not difficult to lose control at any time, only when you have the ability to be in charge of it and rise above – makes you a man of power. Thanks for stopping by :)


John August 3, 2011

easier said than done. With the habit of getting angry! Also with all the attitude that is shown. I feel I need some outlet. When working I clam up and say nothing to customers. Same with inlaws family. I feel if I don’t let it out in some situations I will burst and go nuts


Solvita Bennett August 4, 2011

Hi John, I know the feeling :) you shouldn’t keep to yourself anger if you feel it, there are many ways to get it out in other ways, than to show to those who are triggering it in you… I write about it in my free report, which you can get at any time (page 15). Yes you are so right – it is not easy at all! I would say it is a skill, however we can learn it and when we grow emotionally our threshold level increases, so what triggers us in the past changes and doesn’t bother us anymore…that comes with personal growth…I’m very pleased you stopped by …see you soon :)


Hi December 8, 2011

Day 1 – learning and practicing the art of living a more positive life.


Solvita Bennett December 10, 2011

Hi! Congratulations ~ it my sound crazy, but there is a lot of power of influence in a positive thinking. It is powerful! 😉


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