What is this website about?

"Positive Calm" is for you if your desire is to achieve wisdom, which would allow you to experience inner peace in every day life.

What is Calmness or Inner Peace?

Calmness is Your Truth and puts you in control of your thoughts. It enables you to have right thought. Calmness affords true control and precision of thought. It is your true nature and perfection. It is the "fruit of wisdom" acquired over time.

Inner Peace is not that you have to suppress something within, so that you could 'appear' to be calm from outside, it is open and clear, it is pure and natural, it gives you confidence and power. Inner Peace is your choice to choose truth (or positivity) over falsehood (or negativity) every single time. It is devotion to follow integrity and so receive Divine assistance in everything you do. It is a way to lasting rather than a short lived Success in this world. It is stable and unwavering way to go through life with strength rather than weakness.

How can you be Positively calm?

Practicing, knowing, living, thinking the laws of God, Nature, Higher Divine Power, Source, or the Universe develops Calmness. This website will give you helping hand, guidance in uniting you with Inner Peace, which is already within you.

Interview with Solvita Bennett, the owner of the

"Positive Calm"

What made you to create this website?

Since I was 19 my interest in personal/ spiritual growth and development became stronger and stronger, so to the point that I was wondering how could I share my wisdom with others… I've spent endless hours in research and studies… well still do. The subjects of interest include: philosophy, neuroscience, NLP, bible (not all, but especially the New Testiment), psychology, the most valuable Self – development books in the world. Even though I knew the theory, I wouldn't stop there, I do practice in real life the theories, which enables me to experience the change within myself and so the change in outer world.

Why the subject – Positive Calm?

After more than 20 years of research and studies I came to conclusion that even if you can be successful, what ever it means to you…if you can't find peace within, it will give you no joy and happiness. Only when you feel peaceful within and at the same time alert (aware and enlightened) can you experience real truth and alignment with what all that is.

What is the most important thing you would say to your readers?

Knowing is not the same as living it. You have to put to practice 'the theories', to make a change in life requires dedication, faith and iron will. People are very afraid of any change, but life is all about the change – when you agree with that – it is much easier to allow the change to happen. By changing yourself you are changing the world around you, it's up to you what YOU desire the world (or your world) to be.

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