The Way To Positive Inner Calm – Being Wealthy

by Solvita Bennett on May 6, 2011

How To Achieve Positive Inner Calm By Finding Wealth…

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

Henry Davis Thoreau

…What is wealth? It is having an abundant life, where your intentions and desires are fulfilled and you enjoy life. Being rich doesn't mean being wealthy. Being wealthy is more than just being rich. It is an amazing way of feeling great in the present moment, having more than enough, living the life from the place of happiness and positive inner calm.

It is great to be wealthy and there shouldn't be anyone on this planet feeling different or experiencing lack! Your true nature is thriving for more, evolve, expand spiritually and experience more of what life has to offer. When you suppress that, you will never find your inner peace. What happens often is that people misinterpret the true nature of being and often believe that in some ways, they shouldn't have more, thrive for more, and be more. These thoughts often come from our past experiences. From parents, teachers, media where the idea of being poor is being glamorized and made spiritual. Often used statements such as "filthy rich", "fat cats" are used today and we start believing that if we will have more money, we will lose friends and people will avoid us. The problem is that when we agree with the statements and judge rich people we are telling the Universe that we don't want to be like them and we attract the lack of money. You will not have money if you will believe that being wealthy is bad, because the 'bad' image of the 'fat cat' would  stop you from being wealthy.

Being wealthy is a combination of having money and having a lifestyle – which allows you to enjoy life and gives you freedom and calmness…

The art is to know how to go about creating a wealthy mindset. There are many programs and books about it, however in this short article I'm just going to share some tips to guide you and help.

Ask yourself these 4 questions and write down the answers:

#1 If you would to die in a week's time, what is that you would do if money wouldn't limit you?

#2 What would you become and do daily if money wouldn't be an issue?

#3 What are YOUR 3 biggest Why's you want to be wealthy?

#4 What are the negative statements you know about the rich and money?

Now we will look at the answers and how can we benefit from them.

#1 This is an important question, you have to be very honest with yourself though to answer it, as the answer will reveal what wealth means to you, and it might be things like spending more time with your loved ones, visit a place you always wanted to, meet old friends you haven't met for a while, take your spouse to a nice trip you always wanted, but didn't have the time to do, say nice words to people you truly love. When you have written down the answer, keep it safe so that you can refer to it and might consider doing some of the things you want soon.

#2 I love this question as it exposes your best intentions and purpose when answered honestly. Think of ways you could start integrating the things you love to do in your daily life. If you always wanted to dance and it never happened because you now feel old, you might find some dance classes and just enjoy the dance. Do something that you love, it will make you feel wealthy.

#3 If you have lost your desire to achieve in life something more, to be more and have more money, you don't have big enough why's. When you can identify at least three areas in your life why you would need more income. It will drive you to look around for opportunities and possibilities to make it happen.

#4 Statements as "All rich are greedy.", "Money doesn't grow on trees.", "Dirty money." These statements are not helping you to become wealthy in any way, as these would be part of your self-image. It is good to expose your beliefs on the paper to look at, as it gives you the ability to challenge them and eventually change.

These are just small steps towards your wealthy mindset, however in order to be wealthy you would need to focus on things that will help you to be wealthy. And the very first exercise today, which will switch your mind now, is to ask yourself:

What wealth you have now?

Write the list of all the wealth you have and the list should include things like your amazing friends, your great body, the family, children, great skills, wisdom, inner peace. The more you will be willing to appreciate what you already have the more wealth will flow to you…

How to be happy and appreciative if you don't feel like it? …When you feel this way it is likely you feel something is missing in your life and a good way to change this feeling is to focus on the present moment and not in the future, or in the past. When you think that something is missing in your life you are likely looking on something you have lost in the past, or being insecure about the future. When you are completely in the present it is difficult to feel there is something missing.

You can ask yourself 3 questions which will help you:

1. What could I be more of or less of? Could you be kinder, more loving, forgiving, grateful, honest and less judgmental or unforgiving? Be honest with your self. It's not about 'being good' it is about being more true to your real self.

2. What could I give more of? You can only be lacking what you are not giving, give to yourself and to others.

3. Am I resistant to receive? You might let go of the attachment to independence, pride, unworthiness. You might let go of struggle :)

It is good to be wealthy and you are wealthy! Just open your mind and start counting the blessings, check your thoughts and challenge them. When you walk down the street feel wealthy, look at people and see them wealthy. Look around and start noticing wealth around you. It is great exercise as it opens your mind and you start noticing things you never did before. The more wealth you notice the more wealth will start appear in your life. It might feel crazy at first if you are used to look around and feel lack everywhere… however you can teach yourself to become a wealthy or much more wealthier person that you are meant to be. Remember – poor can't help poor and you are not meant to be poor. You are here to be more, do more and share more. How much are you living your wealth today? The wealth is not only the money and your possessions, it is your true expanding nature of being more in this world. It is good to desire and it is good to ask from the place of appreciation and happiness. That is the place of being where you can attract the wealth and not the lack of it.

…You are wealthy and meant to be wealthy, the only thing that stops you from experiencing your wealth now is just an error in thinking, some limiting beliefs you picked up on the way and attitude. This all can be transformed and nothing can stop you from being wealthy and having your inner positive calm…

Let's do this together!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you! :)


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Elvie Look May 7, 2011

Great analogy on what "real" wealth is!


Solvita May 7, 2011

Thanks Elvie, it’s important to know and discover what ‘real’ wealth means to you! :)


Carol Giambri May 7, 2011

Great post Solvita.  Excellent way to see wealth and self reflect.  It's not all about the dollars that creates wealth obviously.


Solvita May 7, 2011

Thanks Carol for stopping by! Yes – very often people with a lot of dollars feel poor as they never have enough – they are not wealthy…so it’s not all about dollars 😉


AJ May 7, 2011

Nice job;0)


Solvita May 10, 2011

Thanks AJ!


Donovan May 8, 2011

Thanks for the article Solvita. As usual you made me have a good think with your questions and this helps to paint a different picture about being wealthy.


Solvita May 10, 2011

It’s great to see you here Donovan – I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! :)


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