Have The Energy and Inner Peace – 5 Reasons To Clear Clutter.

by Solvita Bennett on May 13, 2011

Discover These 5 Reasons To Stop Clutter, So You Can Increase Energy and Connect to Your Inner Peace.

"Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own."

Bruce Lee

...Have you heard that clutter can drain your energy? It's no wonder that people get stressed, worried, overwhelmed, if their environment lets them down. As we observe the environment our thoughts align with it.

What happens when we look at clutter… we start getting annoyed, distracted and stressed. Our minds are filled with chaos and in order to clear that chaos from our minds, we must clear the chaos around us. These thoughts are not helping us in any way, as we would rather have creative, uplifting and more inspiring thoughts, which we can access much more easily by observing nice, uplifting, warm, neat and abundant environment with the things we love to be around. There might be inspiring pictures, the things that bring to us nice memories, flowers what ever makes us feel good…

…We like to accumulate stuff and if we are not careful or aware we can end up in a clutter. It’s certainly nice to have nice things around us, but when we surrounded ourselves by old things – some will remind us of negative memories and create negative thoughts. When we have too many things which we don't use and don't serve anymore – they start to suppress us. It just drains our energy and makes us unhappy.
…When you want something new and nice to flow into your life, the quickest way to increase and renew the energy and allow abundance to flow to you is – to get organized and de-clutter.

If you can't do it yourself, get professional help! The energy and happiness you will gain from clearing clutter and getting organized will be worth any penny.

Let's Look at the 5 Reasons to STOP CLUTTER.

1. Free up your mind from unnecessary negative thoughts.

When we are busy regularly looking for things we can't find, we are occupying our mind with small unnecessary tasks that we probably don’t have time to do anyway, so there is no way we can feel peace of mind and be productive or satisfied in our lives. The thoughts we think make us equally feel the emotions by them. We don't need to think of things that let us down. Have you found some items that give you bad feelings and remind you of a negative memory you’d rather forget. Get rid of that item, you deserve better, there is no point ever to hold on to old items, that make you upset or you don't need any more. By de-cluttering you will free up your mind to think about much better and more useful things. Clear your mind and focus.

2. Get the rest you deserve.

How do you feel in well kept surroundings? Does it make you feel more relaxed? When you de-clutter and get your home organized it gives you a place where to find peace and rest. Home is there for you to renew your energy. It is so important to feel good at home, as it is your oasis where you can find balance and power after whatever storms or bad news that happens outside. When your surroundings don't help do that, you are missing out and can suffer from unrest, stress and illness. You deserve the best surroundings you can have. Make a home which uplifts, supports you in any way possible. You can make it happen :)

3. Increase your motivation to enjoy life and be ready for new adventures.

When you wake up in the morning and you are seeing a nice, organized home with all your things in the right places, it makes your mood so much better. As you feel appreciation and gratitude towards your life, it makes you like a fortune magnet. It might sound funny, but this to me is very important, as it is much easier to have appreciative thoughts, especially when you waking up in the morning and  as you may know that appreciative thoughts attract good things to you. The motivation and being ready to do something will just be there, if you feel like this. Remembering the start of the day is the beginning of a 'new' day, and then it’s up to you what you want that day to be.

4. Increase and renew your energy.

By organizing, cleaning and clearing that clutter you will feel new amazing energy flowing to you. You will feel uplifted and think of new, much better things you could have – instead of the old and not so useful. You will feel more confident and feel you deserve a good home, which will in turn give you energy to do much more and take actions towards the important things in your life. The old stuff and unorganized environment just drains this energy. You deserve better….so much better.

5. Let new and better things come to you.

Letting go of old makes room for new! You will suddenly find the way to acquire better things, receive unexpected gifts and opportunities. Magical things can happen. Not that I'm a magician, but it’s the law of attraction and the Universe doesn't like a vacuum. Probably the things you have desired for a long time will suddenly come to you. It's good to practise detachment.

So take time to get organized and stop the clutter! You might be not happy with your life as it currently is, or about yourself and you want some change to better – de-cluttering makes a good start to something new! New ideas and inspiration will come to you and you will get clarity on what it is that you really desire. You  will feel a wealthy person with inner peace by putting order in place and there is nobody who can stop you doing it….You’re in charge!

Please you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you :)

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Carol Giambri May 13, 2011

Love your five tips to help remove clutter.  How quickly it can come in, but now we have additional tools to help get rid of it. Solvita, thanks for sharing.


Solvita May 14, 2011

Carol – it’s nice to see you here! Yes- very quickly indeed 😉


Victoria May 14, 2011

Great tips, Solvita.  I'm one of those people that just can't stand clutter, and fully understand how much it affects the 'flow' in my house.  Cluttered house equals cluttered mind, at least in my books.  Then again, some of the most brilliant people in the world lived in some crazy cluttered conditions.  If that's the case, I'm quite happy being 'ordinary' in that respect!  ;o)


Solvita May 14, 2011

Thanks Victoria! It’s all about how we feel, and what through our feelings we create in our lives… If there are people who are completely unaware of clutter, mess and dirt around them and at the same time they are able to feel amazing and enjoying their life to the fullest (I haven’t met one yet myself), there is no point to ‘clear the clutter’. It’s all about the way we can improve our well being, inner peace, wealth and happiness. :)


Donovan May 15, 2011

Great tips Solvita. I'm just about ready for some de-cluttering, your article has come at a good time for me. Thanks


Solvita May 15, 2011

Great – Donovan – go for it! 😉


james samy May 15, 2011

5 tips to declutter … awesome Solvita. Thank you for sharing this and everyone needs it everyday.


Solvita May 15, 2011

Thanks James!


Michele May 15, 2011

You are right about clutter. It clutters your mind! Thanks Solvita;-)


Solvita May 15, 2011

Thank You – Michele!


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