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"What I love most about Positive Calm | The Secret to Inner Peace, is the energy it posses; you feel it as soon as you land on the page. Solvita's kindness and willingness to assist others on their spiritual journey shines through every word she records here on the site. She writes with so much passion, heart, and in such a way that her readers are able to relate to what's being said. I have visited other sites and could hardly understand what the author was referring to, let alone talking about. Here, it's different. Here I not only understand, but I relate to what's being said. Each article is packed with wisdom and thought provoking quotes, that are sure to render me several Aha moments by the time I have finished reading the article in it's entirety. I am delighted to have found Positive Calm, and look forward to reading even more from Solvita."

~ Deeone Higgs, www.releasingmetoday.com

"Every time I read an article from Solvita's blog or a post on one of her social networks, I get a sense of peace and calmness even more so. She is an Amazing woman who shares her love and light with everyone that she comes in contact with. Solvita is a prime example of someone living in their core of peace. Connect with her, you will feel uplifted by her presence. I am honored to be able to call her a good friend!"

~ Susan Preston, www.SusanCanHelpMe.com

 "Solvita’s wisdom shines in her blog posts, and her sage tips and advice on how to find that inner peace. I am profoundly moved by her insights each time I read a post. Thank you Solvita for shining a light of awareness within me!"

~ Patricia Ogilvie, Publisher, www.ProRiskeMagazine.com

"I have been reading Solvita's blog now for almost 2 years and I still always feel so great, so calm and so uplifted after reading her posts. She has a wonderful ability to construct and share her ideas in such a way that they are easy to understand, absorb and implement. I am very fortunate to have "met" her online and look forward to her continuing presence in my life. Thanks Solvita ;-)"

~ Michele Tremblay, www.micheletremblay.com

"Solvita shares amazing tips on staying in touch with our inner self. She has an incredible spirit of love and light. I know she is going to touch many lives as she continues to grow her business."

~ Kim Garst, www.kimgarst.com

"Solvita’s website is filled with unique, uplifting and re-energizing information. Her blogs always provide valuable insight and perspective to help the reader understand the foundation of our struggles and how to break through them. Solvita’s desire to help everyone shows in her desire to promote the value and profound information from other authors and bloggers. I enjoy visiting her site frequently to read the latest inspiring content."

~ Gary Spinell, Author of "It Was YOU, All Along" and "Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams", www.garyspinell.com

"Solvita, you have such an insight into the workings of the human mind and of the energy that surrounds us all. I appreciate the focus you have on finding the root cause…that is so key to making real change in people's lives. Your genuine caring for people and the struggles that they have to find inner peace and calm really comes through in your writing. I love the empathy and understanding that you have. You are a bright light in this world and I am grateful that you share that light with the world. You are the real deal and thank you for the inspiration that you provide, for the practical and realistic advice that enables people to make the changes they want to make. You, my dear, are a blessing. Keep up the good work, I so appreciate you!"

~ Sherie Venner, Relationship and Breakthrough Coach, www.sherievenner.com

“I had the pleasure of meeting Sovita Bennett several months ago in a Facebook group that was dedicated to Social Media. Since that time I have been surprised by the number of times that her postings and her blog posts have seem to have been written especially for me.

Ms Bennett has a knack for content that touches a person's life and makes them feel better about who they are and what they are doing with their lives.

One posting she made on Facebook that resonated with me,

"… Have a wonderful week my friend! ♥

… let’s take some time to celebrate our lives so far …the benefits are too great to be missed, it starts from within and then radiates and expands outwards. You can connect with your Inner Peace and feel contentment with yourself all week long ~ because you can! :)"

THAT posting was on the anniversary of the passing of my mother. I didn't feel great that day until I read the posting…

I look forward to meeting her on Facebook each day.”

~Rob Hodgins ~

“When it comes to finding that calm, inner peace, Solvita Bennett knows her stuff. I've been a reader of her blog "Positive Calm" for several months now, and love the way she explains inner peace, how to find it and most important, how to use it. As an avid student of personal development myself, Solvita is my go-to person on those days when inner peace proves elusive. I know I can count on her to say exactly what I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear it. “

~ Helena Ritchie, www.TheAcornStash.com

"Solvita is a true master when it comes to helping people find inner peace within themselves. Without true inner peace, it's impossible to find joy and happiness regardless of your accomplishments. With Solvita guiding the way, you're in good hands."


~Edmund Lee, www.entrepreneursuccessprinciples.com

"We meet people from all walks of life, and it is a rare thing to find someone, you instantly connect with. Well, from day one, this has been the basis of getting to know Solvita Bennett. I can only describe her as being a rare diamond and an amazing Soul, because that is exactly what she is.

Solvita is one of those special people who has an amazing insight on life, through her own personal growth and experience, and she has been able to seamlessly infuse all this knowledge, into her professional skills and Life Coaching techniques.

I have personally been amazed at her ability to embrace, so many of the new Life changing and Soul-inspired concepts, I recently introduced in my book (The Soul Whisperer). I now realize that her ability to do this was implicit of her enthusiasm to, not just learn more about life's learning – but to commendably share the value & wealth of her experience to support others – including her peers, clients and blog readers.

Solvita, gets my highest recommendation, as a beautiful Soul, and one that I am honoured to know, as part of my life’s journey. I look forward to supporting her, in her quest for sharing Inner Peace in a Simple, Easy and Practical way – so she can continue coaching and guiding others, to enjoy Inner Peace, too."

~ Eleesha, Spiritual Author of The Soul Whisperer, www.eleesha.com

"I love reading Solvita's articles and messages. She will help you dwell into positive thoughts, acceptance and experience inner peace. Her step by step process of achieving inner peace is practical. She is practising all the principles herself. Very refreshing."

~ Claudia Looi, www.travelwritingpro.com

"Solvita is an amazing lady who has helped me search my inner self many times. Her understanding, compassion and genuine love for people shines through her work. Every time I read her articles they impact me in such a positive way that I feel lighter afterwards, does that make sense? I feel blesssed to have met Solvita, she is fabulous!"

~ Tara Yvonne Chatzaki ~

"Solvita is a compassionate,inspirational and motivation woman. I look forward to conversing with her weekly and find great wisdom in her writing. I am blessed to have met this beautiful light in my life and you will be too. Sending you Much Love"

~ Anita Fiander, www.anitafiander.com

"Solvita has a wisdom beyond her years. What most impresses me is her ability to simplify complex belief systems and share her findings at exactly the moment I'm looking at those systems myself."


~ Sharon O'Day, www.sharonoday.com

"Solvita Bennett’s words are uplifting, easy to receive and as refreshing as a cool drink of water to a man in the desert – I always want more.

The moment I get to her site she puts me at ease."


~ Don Wells, Freedom Life-Style Consultant ~

"Solvita Bennett has the rare ability to make You feel significant and loved. She shares deep insights about how to find a positive calm in Your life. With a genuine and warm presence Solvita transforms peoples lives and it's more important than ever to have leaders who know themselves as Solvita does. A visit to her website and encouraging contact has helped me to relax many times and I admire how she is reaching out to help people in need."

~ Christer Edman, www.creman.se

"Quite similar to the phrase "East meets West", the best description of what you would learn from Solvita is "spirituality meets everyday reality." She is an epitome of a super woman making a difference in the world promoting the best gift one can give to one's self – that is, inner peace. You deserve a chance. Give Solvita the privilege to lead you to peace that is rightfully yours."

~ Lorii Abela, www.manifestingmydestiny.com

"Solvita Bennett is one of the most kind, caring, and genuine people you will ever meet. I got to know Solvita about six months ago, and I can honestly say, my world would not be the same without her in it. She always seems to know the right time to say "Hey Rod, how are you today?". This for her is not an empty question, she sincerely wants to know. She is a kind soul who is interested, genuinely interested, in helping you to achieve the inner peace that you need by providing you with the "tools" you need to connect your mind to your heart. When your days are stressful, put on some relaxing music, and come back to this site and just read. You will be amazed when you implement what she teaches."

~ Rod Arnold ~

"The Harvard Business Review states: 'Leaders are Made not Born". Solvita is transforming lives with her special report, '7 Master Keys To Solve The Worry' and 'The Secret To Inner Peace'. Thank you Solvita!"

~Hughie Bagnell, www.PathToLifeSuccess.net

"In today's fast-paced work and home life, we all look for ways that can help to cope with stress and find inner peace. Since becoming a regular subscriber to Solvita’s Newsletter I have found many great tips to help me chill out more easily. And most importantly she has got me to think about my live stressors in a different and more useful way. Have a read for yourself!"

~ Donovan Grant, www.donovangrant.com

"Solvita is one of the most inspiring, joyful, and peaceful women I know. Her presence, whether in written word, video/audio or other instrument, is somehow simply profound. She touches your heart, soothes your soul, lifts your spirit. It seems so simple and effortless as it exudes from her own heart. She will touch your life and empower positive change."

~Carl Mason-Liebenberg, www.el3mentsofwellness.com

"Solvita's advice and wisdom has helped me find my inner peace and happiness! She is inspiring and a beautiful woman whose powerful words touch my heart and make me smile! Through Solvita's articles, I'm learning that there is a lot of power in positive thinking."

~ Alexandra McAllister~

"Solvita, is a great woman, whose words are inspiring, in fact her impacts are felt greatly."

~ Ismail Olasunkanmi Daromosu ~


"When I hear or read anything from Solvita it brings comfort, peace and calming to my soul.  She is gifted in knowing the right words and how to say it in an uplifting way.  Solvita Bennett is a blessing to anyone who is attached to her online or offline. She has a precious unique gift of love and life to be shared to all.  I call her the Peace and Calming Queen.  This is how she makes me feel besides an authentic human who cares."

~ Carol Giambri, www.carolgiambri.com

"Solvita has an amazingly kind, generous, and peaceful spirit. Her ability to convey powerful and touching life lessons through her writing makes her unique.  I often visit her blog for a "pick me up" and always come away with a positive calm feeling that is priceless in my fast-paced life!"

~Jennifer Herndon, www.JenniferHerndon.com


"I have always believed that the most important thing any of us can achieve in life is to create and maintain a strong sense of inner peace and calm. These two qualities are at the core of living our best lives. Solvita's teachings bring us the very best skills and tools to live everyday, regardless of outer circumstances, in such a way that we feel at peace with "who we are" and "where we are" in life."

~Denny Hagel, www.MissingSecretToParenting.com

"If there is one thing that stands out about Solvita, it is her love for others. She is passionate about helping you live life like never before. She is not only a woman of integrity, but she is also someone who cares deeply. Anyone that has the opportunity to learn and grow from the influence of Solvita, is truly blessed! She is one of a kind!"

~ Jen Bennett, Founder and President of Social Media Jen ~

"Positive Calm is a great site!
There are 3 key areas you want to be aware of in your life.
Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Solvita knows how to help you get your mind in a good place.
When it comes to mind, body, and spirit, you need all 3 to become a high performing person.
When you need insight to how to get your mind in a good place, go to Positive Calm and let Solvita show you the way.
It's well worth your time to have Solvita help you get your mind right."

~ AJ ~

"Solvita amazes me with her outstanding understanding of a human nature. Her passion for self improvement and teaching people how to look inside of their heart and soul is profound. She speaks her heart. I truly value what Solvita brings to the world and online communities. Her support in my business has been totally amazing! Thank you!"

~ Tatyana Gann, www.tatyanagann.com

"I love visiting Solvita's website and soaking up her wisdom.  Her insights and lessons just resonate and give me a sense of peace and calm, even before I try implementing what she teaches. Solvita has a personality that just radiates peace and calmness.  She is like an oasis of peace in this crazy world we live in.  I would recommend a daily dose of Solvita to anyone who would like to be uplifted and regain that sense of serenity in their world."

~ Marie Leslie, www.marieleslie.com


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Zeeshan November 15, 2012

When ever I read every new coming article of Solvita, it gives me complete satisfaction and peace of mind and soul. It improves some of my skills into me to get positive calm. She writes amazing with magic words which gives positive attitude, thinking, professional working style, peace of mind and soul to anyone. She is very kind and have great abilities to teach others and I would like to say she is creating positive revolution in peoples life which gives great great benefits to all people in their life. I strongly recommend to everyone to read her all articles and you guys will find a positive calm in Your whole life. I am very proud full to her, She is doing excellent job. Thanks


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