The Way To Positive Calm – Awaken Your Inner Child

by Solvita Bennett on April 15, 2011

How To Find Positive Inner Calm by Awakening Inner Child In You…

"I spent many years laughing at Harry Secombe's singing until somebody told me that it wasn't a joke."

Spike Milligan

…. It is a funny quote as you could expect from Spike Milligan. :) He is a special person in my life, as he was the closest friend to my father in law – Reginald Bennett, who passed away this year in February. He had an amazing sense of humour, and they shared it since the time they met during the war. They became friends forever. Humour bonds people. Never underestimate that!

Dear Friend,

…Well in this article I'm going to remind you how we can lose access to Divine Intelligence, Health and our Inner Positive Calm by being too 'damn' serious :)

It might be that :

…You have a lot on your plate…

…You are intelligent and must be serious…

…You have a business to run…

…You are too ill to find life funny…

…Now – when this happens it is an indication that now is the time to awaken your inner child. How can we do that? It is easy! As children we know well how to have fun, make jokes, be silly and just happy.

When we are small and have fun, laughing loudly, being silly and crazy, we are often told off by adults that it is not good to do so, or after laughter there will be something bad coming our way, or people will not take us seriously and we will not appear as intelligent as we are. …So we listen to these comments or 'rules' and agree with them. It becomes as a part of the Self-Image. When we grow up we have responsibilities, we have many serious roles to play and so we become too 'serious'.

Of course there are situations and places where it is not appropriate to have fun or laugh; however what happens is that even in places and situations we could have fun, we just don't know how to do it anymore or we just have a habit 'Being Serious'.

What happens when we are looking at the things from a funny side? We lose fear and once we lose fear we become strong, confident and can move forwards with a smile and inner calm. When you can find the way to laugh at least once a week about something so much that your stomach hurts, it is the best medicine you could find.

 Laughter is a natural healer it boosts your immune system and influences your body chemistry. Your body responds to it by feeling good, and high naturally without any artificial stimulants. The release of endorphins  makes you more intelligent, and keeps you younger, it reduces pain.. Also when you laugh with someone together it creates a bonding and strong friendships, as you are experiencing the happy feeling together.

Let's go and awaken our Inner Child NOW:


1. Start with memories. Remember the funniest situations in your life. Remember situations you could laugh about a lot and imagine them now. Remember yourself being funny, the situation where you were able to be silly and laugh about yourself. Remember the people you had fun with together and the feeling of being able to laugh a lot. How did it feel?

Now when you can recreate these situations in your memory it might give you an indication of how good that felt. Now what ever your situation is, there is a way to find something funny in everyday life.

 2. Now make a plan for some fun. There can be many choices. Contact your best friend you can laugh a lot with. Get a funny movie and watch it. Do some exercises, it always helps to see the world in a funny way. At least once a week try to see a funny side of yourself or a situation.

The more fun you can create the easier is to develop even stronger sense of humour. Life shouldn't be too serious. Just think about it, if you would only have a week left to live, what would you do? Would you better go and have some fun whilst you can? There can be something funny about many situations in life. People have survived terminal illnesses, wars and suffering thanks to the amazing ability to laugh and see the funny side in very bad and tragic situations.


…I’m not sure if I would find any happiness without laughter, fun and sense of humour. I truly love my sense of humour, I would be nothing without it and my life would turn to suffering. In my life I find many things funny anyway, but apart from that I’m very fortunate to have a brilliant friend in my life. She makes me laugh so much that my stomach hurts! We have a chemistry between us, that when we meet I feel like I'm a little child in Kindergarten having fun :) We end up making up stories from real life situations, which evolve and become funny and so we just simply laugh like crazy. Even her presence makes me smile, and long after we’ve met each other I still have some memories floating around me which makes me smile. I’m sure you have someone in your life who makes you feel like that. And if not – it’s OK, you have so many ways to have fun, think of them and make them happen! Remember when you laughed so much that your stomach hurt, if that was a long time ago, you have to do something about it now.

The benefits of laughter are just to great to be missed and it is the most important ingredient for your Inner Peace. It is not only for your spirit, all of your body changes and heals. There is no substitute! …I'm sure you will find the way to something funny very soon. When you are happy that is the state of inner positive calm! Awaken your inner child within yourself now!

Stop being too serious and have some fun! Enjoy the life you have, find funny things about it and laugh as much and loud as you can!!! (in a secure place though :))

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the section below. I’d love to hear from you. :)


  Solvita Bennett is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.

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Marla April 15, 2011

Love it Solvita!  Too easy to forget to look at the humorus side of things.  Growing up my Dad would do anything to get a rise out of us…it usually meant we were on the floor laughing :) produced some great memories!


Solvita April 16, 2011

Thank you Marla! It is easy to forget as you say and at the same time it is important to remember. We can heal our suffering with laughter any time, and it is available to anyone with no cost! :)


Carol Giambri April 16, 2011

Solvita, Loved the reminder to laugh, love and have fun. Plus, dDon't be so serious–smile more and enjoy more of what you enjoy.  I took a laughing yoga class years back and talk about contagious laughter.  It was a blast–even those who couldn't crack a smile got to enjoy the benefits of laughter.  See on youtube some videos.  Great sharing.


Solvita April 16, 2011

I like the sound of yoga laughing class. I do practise yoga regularly it is interesting as I can imagine the benefits people can get. Thank you Carol for stopping by and enjoying my sharing! :)


Antoine McCoy April 18, 2011

Thank-you for the reminder to stop being too serious- Be a kid.  I sometimes forget this even as a teacher around kids all day.  Every once in a while I like just observing the kids in Pre-School and Kindergarten classes during their play time.  They are experts at play and I can learn a lot from them.


Solvita April 19, 2011

Yes – Antoine the greatest teachers have amazing sense of humour…. In a playful environment children can absorb the learning material much better :)


Jaime White April 18, 2011

Great article. I had to learn to loosen up and stop taking life so serious. It would even bother me when I saw other people making fools of themselves when they were only having fun. My life has been so full of stress that I never had a sense of humor. But it has gotten better these last few years. Thanks again for this great article Solvita.


Solvita April 19, 2011

Thanks Jaime for stopping by! When we are taking things to serious we also get annoyed by other people having fun, that is a sign to start looking for that child within… and the sense of humour is easy to develop further, stress is opposite of joy and you are on the right way :)


donovan grant April 19, 2011

Solvita, this is my kind of article. Ever since being A child I have loved to have fun, make jokes and just LOL. Other people have mostly considered that I wasn't well because no one can be happy most of the time. It even affected me earlier in my career because managers did not think I took the job seriously. I am glad that I ignored them and I am still laughing and having fun. Thanks for that!


Solvita April 19, 2011

Nice to hear from you Donovan, and also it’s great to hear that you haven’t forgotten the ‘child within’! Thanks for stopping by! :)


alisa April 20, 2011

Great benefits from nurturing your inner child!~


Solvita April 20, 2011

Hi Alisa, thanks for stopping by! The benefits are just too great to be missed :)


Donald E Wells Jr October 22, 2011

I created a video that might go well with this article:


Solvita Bennett October 22, 2011

It is a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing Don! :)


Ulysses Cabinatan June 3, 2013

I love reading your articles and write ups sooo muchhh…

Thank you for sharing.


Solvita Bennett June 3, 2013

Thank you so much for stopping by… and reading! :)


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