5 Steps To Solve A Problem Creatively.

by Solvita Bennett on January 8, 2011

How to solve a problem creatively with easy 5 steps…


"Problems are the price you pay for progress."

 Branch Rickey

There is no way to avoid a problem, the only power you have over it, is the attitude towards it…

…  Do you feel that you have to rush to find a solution as quick as possible to any problem you are   facing?

… Are you most of the time feeling frustrated and angry that you don't have any control over a situation?

… Do you think that you hit a brick wall as soon as facing a challenge?

The good news is that you are not on your own…People usually want to get out of the pain in a rush and so they create even bigger problems and challenges for themselves even without realizing that they are doing it.

I used to do it often in the past, and I must admit it never worked out very well… and even now and then I have to remind myself of the 'new approach' I'm using to be able to solve a situation in a different and most effective way.

Life is all about challenges and change, we are so worried about any change that comes in a way, that we want instant solution to everything…

In this post I'm going to talk about some steps you can take to make the solution easier for you.

Just try to take a new approach to the situation so that you could see it from a different perspective. When you can release creativity from within you will be able to see things you would've been blind to before.

Here I will give you some easy steps, which will help you to find the solutions to your problems. They will lead you to unlock your creative solutions that will help you to overcome obstacles and find the best solution for your difficult situation.

5 Easy Steps Here For You:

  1. Step back and take a break. Realize there are other ways of approaching a difficult situation, and there are other ways of seeing it and dealing with it. Just relax as much as you can. Take a little time away from the situation, you can easily burn yourself out by standing to close to it. You will go back to it but not yet. Do what ever it takes to change your state of mind. You can choose the best what works for you – have a bath, take a nap, go for a walk or to gym, try thinking about something completely different…Then you can get back to it with a different state of mind and it will help you to get new perspective.

  2. Get an outside perspective. I just would say before you read any further, even though you can listen to opinions of others in regards to your problem, always listen to yourself first. It is good in a way to hear what your friends or family members think about your situation as you can get a perspective of some one who is not very involved in the situation.

  3. Break a large problem into smaller parts. It can be that your problem can be solved in small action steps. If you can identify small actions that can be taken towards solving your BIG problem, it will give you more confidence and you will step into your power to solve it completely.

  4. There is usually more than one solution to a problem. Think about any possible solution, even if it seams strange at first, don't exclude any possibilities. Then look at all the possibilities and choose which one resonates with you the most and you feel that is the best for you.

  5. Get it written on the paper. Very often people find the solution in such an easy way! Sometimes only writing it down, the answer presents itself immediately.

Remain as calm as possible when approaching these steps. Step away from the situation when you are not feeling calmness within, and return when you are feeling much better.

When you are tense and have other disturbing feelings such as anger, resentment, annoyance, impatience….the answer to the problem will be chosen not for the highest good to all and yourself. The important point here is to achieve the state of calm perspective and then looking for creative answers. Be patient, as the answer might not come immediately… however have a faith and be assured that when you ask the answer will be given. Only through awareness of the current present moment you are going to see the situation as it is instead of adopting a limited perspective.

And remember there are no problems, there is only a problem when we create one in our mind. There is only experience of what is, and when we agree to what is – we feel peace within. You will be surprised how the Life will be able to solve your problem when you are in agreement with it.

You are very welcome to comment and express your thoughts below :)

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james samy March 11, 2011

Hi Solvita, thanks for sharing how to solve problems and your 5 tips great. I will print it out and remind myself too. Keep up good work and have a great day


Solvita March 12, 2011

Thank you James! Good it helps! Have a great day too! :)


Jill Taylor March 22, 2011

Solvita, your website is lovely.  Your words of "Positive Calm" had an immediately calming effect on my and "Create peace within yourself so you can created peace around the world" is very good. I felt your butterfly image well conveyed your message also.  I enjoyed your article and the " 5 Easy Steps".  Thank you.


Solvita March 22, 2011

Jill, thanks a lot for stopping by, and I’m very pleased to hear that you enjoyed being here for a while. I’m doing my best to make people feel their best, as I believe that suffering is only an option, when you want it to be though… I’d love people find their power and inner peace, as they sometimes so often look outside themselves and it is within :) and most of the time it is not their fault…you just don’t know what you don’t know.


Anna Rathna September 3, 2012

Solvita, thanks a lot. Your website is very useful. Made my miserable mind cleared. Thank God I found your website. Your ‘Easy Steps’ is awesome. Keep up your good work and may it benefits for all. Thanks again, Solvita.


Solvita Bennett September 14, 2012

Thank you Anna. I am so delighted, you found my website. It is for you to just come, read, listen and get some positivity back into your life. This will give you some relief and calmness, which will greatly influence your every day attitude and emotions. Our emotions, which are created by our thoughts take us to actions and ultimately to the results. We can influence our life by creating positive actions every time. So nice you stopped by! :)


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