5 Simple Steps to Stop The Struggle in Your Daily Life

by Solvita Bennett on April 22, 2011

How To Give Up Struggle and Open the Doors To Positive Inner Calm

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

Albert Einstein

…What is a struggle and why are we creating unnecessary struggle in our lives? How to move in the opposite direction of it?

There are many ways to stop it from happening. We are often creating and manifesting difficulty with beliefs such as:

…It can't be that easy.

…Life is a struggle.

…If something comes easy to me it has no value.

…I've struggled all my life and don't expect the ease.

Now what's happening with these and similar beliefs is, that without being aware we are actually creating THE STRUGGLE in our daily lives. We are resisting Divine intelligence, inspiration, assistance and gifts from God, Universe or Source come to us… We attract what we are focusing on, and if that is struggle then that is what we shall receive.

…Of course life is not a journey without obstacles and it was never meant to be that way. If that was so, we wouldn't be able to grow, evolve, be creative and achieve anything. However in this article I'm going to show you the ways we are actually manifesting unnecessary suffering in our lives, completely unaware that we are doing so, which makes us blind to new possibilities and opportunities for us to prosper and achieve.

Struggle is OPTIONAL! :) The brain looks at life and makes it more complex than it should be. Because we don't see the possibilities around us, we focus on difficulties and so we also stop assistance come to us.

What happens when you give up struggle?…You open doors to powerful assistance from the Universe, as you are not thinking of difficulties, but the ways you can accomplish your goals with ease. When you ask the answer is given. When you ask for an easy solution the easy solution will appear. You join the feeling of positive expectation, which is one of the biggest rules in fulfilling your desire. The opportunities start appearing from nowhere, and even the hardest, before impossible and challenging tasks get completed with ease.

When you give up struggle – you are ready to receive the cooperation from God, Universe or Source. When you give up struggle – you allow Divine intelligence to guide you. When you give up struggle  – people start to help you and you begin helping yourself.

Here are the 5 Easy Steps to STOP the struggle starting from today.

1. Become aware on ways you talk to yourself. Do you say things like – This will be hard!This is impossible to do. I have to struggle to make ends meet.

2. Listen to people and start noticing how others are talking about their struggle. Are there many friends talking to you about their struggle? Do they often tell you old stories from past  and how they had to struggle so much.

3. Protect yourself from outside influences. When you can recognize the 'struggle' story, you can protect your mind from agreeing with it. As you may know that as soon as you agree with the beliefs of others  they become hidden in your subconscious mind. These beliefs then create your reality, as you start to sabotage your behavior. When you were little your parents may have told you that you must work very hard to get your needs met. So when you strongly believe in that, you might work very hard all your life just to get by. If you strongly agree with it then that is how your life will be. Don't let yourself agree that the life should be hard.

4. Be aware when you are talking the 'struggle' story. It might be that you like to talk about your past struggles to find a sympathetic ear from others. It is OK to tell a story how you overcame the struggle, so that others might feel inspired and motivated. The problem is that when you start enjoying your struggle story and just won't let it go. The more you focus on it, the more you create the circumstance in your life, where the struggle will be present and you will find difficult situations far more often. You always have a choice to change your story, or spend less time in the struggling past and think about an easy, successful, amazing present and future coming to you.

5. Now is the time to replace your story and thoughts. You have to recognize the ways you create the unnecessary struggle in your life, before you can change it. Just start with replacing the statements you make with similar statements to: All good things in my life come with ease. This project is going to be my biggest success. I can reach the goal easily. Money flows to me easily and from different sources. I'm abundant and things just come to me with ease. Divine assistance is always there for me and guides me through difficulties with ease. God is there to help me. Universe supports me always. There is an easy solution to any difficulty in my life.

…We are conditioned and taught that giving is good and we must give. This is good, however you can't just give and not be able to receive. We are  rarely taught how to receive and we are most of the time bad receivers. The art of receiving can be learnt and one of the steps towards receiving, is to give up the struggle! :) You can have your desires fulfilled with ease and God is  far more willing to assist than you may even imagine. Just allow Divine assistance to come to you in many forms – through people, circumstances, opportunity and possibilities. Then you can open your mind to ease and stop creating the struggle. When you believe that life is easy you connect to your inner positive calm. Let go of the struggle today…You can do it.

Please you are warmly welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you :)

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Sue Graber April 23, 2011

Solvita, you make some great points here.   The words that come out of our mouth reflect our thoughts…and can be positive or negative.  Thanks for making me more aware and also for the comment about it being okay to "receive."     Very well written!


Solvita April 24, 2011

Thanks Sue for stopping by…yes – the receiving is good! :)


james samy April 23, 2011

"The art of receiving can be learnt and one of the steps towards receiving, is to give up the struggle!"
What a post … you have inspired to look at my life whether I am struggling or am i giving up struggling. Thank you Solvita for sharing … Awesome!


Solvita April 24, 2011

James it’s nice to see you here! Thanks for your comments again! :)


Carol Giambri April 24, 2011

Great tips Solvita.  All great but loved outside influences.  These are the voices that don't always understand our vision.  I remember hearing Bob Proctor say years back…if they don't understand your dream, vision, etc. don't share with those who will try to talk you out of them.


Solvita April 24, 2011

Yes Carol, it’s important to guard our vision and see it through, people might say its impossible, if that is your vision – you will make it possible, when you allow God, Universe or Source the assistance. I’ve done it many times and it works!


AJ April 25, 2011

I love it! Great stuff to apply.


Solvita April 25, 2011

Thanks AJ!


donovan grant April 26, 2011

Step 1 of talking to myself more is better value than I previously gave it credit. Thanks for the reminder Solvita.


Solvita April 26, 2011

Great to see you here – Donovan and thanks for the comment! :)


inguta May 5, 2011

aptuveni nojaušu par ko ir runa, nu malacis, tev ir vide, kur par tev tuvām tēmām runāties :)


Solvita May 6, 2011

Thanks Inguta for stopping by and warm words! See you soon :)


Lou May 18, 2011

Thanks for this very interesting and true article on struggling and making sure one does not dwell on their past stories and talk about receiving and making your dreams happen.  This is certainly a wake up call and one must definitely believe in the vision and connecting to your inner positive calm.


Solvita May 18, 2011

Thanks Lou! The ‘bad past’ is not serving us, when we have enough strength to focus on now and have a positive expectation in our minds, it helps to move forwards much easier and with less resistance …


Ingrid October 13, 2011

I appreciated this post. I like to remember my struggles so I can appreciate the good things that come my way. However, it’s also depressing. Now, I think I can do whatever my capabilities let me do!


Solvita Bennett October 16, 2011

Thanks Ingrid! It can be depressing, the art is not to dwell on depressive thought, but transmute negative into positive, so we can join the flow…


Donald E Wells Jr October 22, 2011

Great job Solvita 😉


Rob Hodgins March 15, 2012

An excellent post! The Struggle is something we somehow manage to make up and then are very surprised to see it everywhere we turn!

We need to lose this notion of constantly being in The Struggle.


Jacob October 10, 2012

This is great. I wish i knew that already.


Solvita Bennett October 26, 2012

Thank you Jacob! It is better later than never. I learn so many new things every day myself… it is awesome you managed to stop by! :)


richelldequillo January 27, 2015

Good day solvita..I’m richell from phils.,I wish you could help me to be positive. I always doubt myself and negative thoughts controls me.I have suicidal thoughts everyday.


Jayzar Marasigan September 21, 2015

As I quote: “When you were little your parents may have told you that you must work very hard to get your needs met. So when you strongly believe in that, you might work very hard all your life just to get by. If you strongly agree with it then that is how your life will be.”

This is very true in my case, now that I have my own children consciously or unconsciously I am cascading this thought to them…

Do you have any articles that somehow will guide us parents on how to teach our children that “Don’t let yourself agree that the life should be hard.” when we ourselves are having issues with it?

Thank you for your time in sharing these tips and it will surely help me to move on…

Thank you giving us an opportunity to interact and share our thoughts with your post…


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