How Can Small Action Steps Lead to Mastery and Inner Positive Calm.

by Solvita Bennett on April 1, 2011

How you can tap into amazing flow of Mastery and Inner Positive Calm by taking 'Small Action Steps'.

"Success isn't measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace."

Mike Dicta

Why do you need discipline and what role it really plays in your daily life?

….Well people don't like to use this word, and I was not keen on it for a long time….however when you look at it from the point of view as a gateway to your freedom, success, happiness…the word changes to something more powerful and significant. :) Often people refer to it as a loss of freedom, it can be quite an opposite. When you are able to apply discipline to yourself and take small actions towards your desire to be fulfilled – it is priceless!

In this article I will talk about our ignorance towards small action steps, and what is the importance of being able to apply focused energy to take them in order to transform your life…

Today we are used to instant gratification like instant download, instant meal, instant access to something…and so often we neglect and even ignore the most important things.  These small important things, which I'm writing about are SMALL Action Steps.

So we all would like to improve our wellbeing, feeling happy, have a peace of mind, achieve something significant….And so very often we feel disappointed, when we start taking actions towards something. Why is it happening? Why do we feel that we are not able to achieve what we desire and if we achieve, the results don't last for long.

The SECRET is quite simple! We give up to early, we never start or we think that we have to do something 'Very Big' and don't have means or power to do it. This happens to us for some of the following reasons:

  • We don't see instant results.
  • We are not willing to apply discipline to take small actions regularly. Human laziness :)
  • We loose faith too quickly, as we don't see or feel the results instantly. And faith is believing in something, which has not manifested yet.
  • We don't believe that small action steps can lead to something big.

Why these small action steps are so important? Studies of the most  successful people in the world show that, to get to their fulfilled lifestyles and success they actually had to  take SMALL Action Steps regularly and often enough to be able to become masterful on what they do and so they can enjoy the flow whilst doing it. It seams so easy from the outside, because when you become masterful at something it seams enjoyable and EFFORTLESS. When you do small actions over and over again it becomes automated, and you advance. Be aware as it also applies to not so desirable small things you do daily :)

When your desire is to have a fit body let's say, it will be only desire if you will not do small action steps towards your desire to be fulfilled. When you allow yourself to believe that you are going to do one big workout only once a month it will disappoint you. However when you do small actions often and regularly, over time you will see amazing results.

It is so simple….Just apply discipline with faith and do small actions regularly, which are going to lead to the desired outcome!

The discipline together with faith is the key to your success. You need discipline to keep you going, and so as  the small action steps taken will not give you instant results it is very tempting to stop. When you have faith in your desire it  will drive you to be persistent and keep going.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."

Jim Rohn

What are the steps you can take today towards fulfilling your desire with significant results:

1. Identify the small action steps you need to take.  Think of what you desire to achieve and what are the small action steps you could do regularly, which would lead to the result in mind.

2. Start doing them as often as it is needed. When you do something regularly and often, it can become a habit. Good habits are amazing things, as we don't need to apply discipline anymore and that is when you become a master of what you do because all the doing and actions are coming from the subconscious mind.

3. Have a faith. It is easy to stop, when you don't see results. When you have faith and strong belief – it will give you amazing power to keep going.

4. Keep the end result in your mind's eye when you do the small action step. It is important as it will give you motivation.

5. Don't count how many small action steps you need to do. It is the same as you don't count how much food you are going to  consume over a year. It will make you sick!!! So you just take one step at the time be present as much  as you  can be whilst you doing it.

6. Keep momentum. When you will start seeing or feeling evidence of the positive outcome, don't stop there – just keep  going. People think that they are going to take a break from the momentum they've built up….the problem is, it is actually hard to start again once you loose it.

7. Make a choice to do small action steps persistently. Even when they only seam small  it is not true. Small action steps taken regularly over the time are what makes the world go around.

In my life I've practiced a lot of taking small action steps, I think one of the results you can even read now in my article, some 11 years ago I couldn't speak a word of English (even though I had mastered 3 other languages), and now I can talk to you and even make  some sense…. I hope :)…When I decided to learn the language, the small steps for me were just to read and translate one page a day. Which seams not a lot, and required discipline, however it built up momentum, and the more I read the less I needed to translate as I knew the meaning and there were less words to translate each time. It gradually lead me to enjoyment of reading, and so I just kept reading more and more. It required discipline to start with, but it evolved into mastery and joy without an effort. Since today I never stopped :)

So can you, what ever small step you take – IT COUNTS, when you focus and do it regularly it evolves, expands into something big and meaningful….

When we are seeking more energy in our daily life we can take small steps and make them important. This is what I do every day, apart from meditation – I set alarm for 20 minutes during the day and take a nap, not  just a simple nap, I do completely relax, and  I've learnt how to do it quickly and efficiently over time. It completely recharges me and gives a lot of energy to carry on with my day and enjoy life. It seams not a lot, however the impact is huge. Even I'm very busy (as I know you are too) I can feel so much energy flowing through me and presence of inner peace.

There might be something small you could do for yourself, which would make a huge difference in your life.  Look for it, don't make it small in your mind!!! Are there any small action steps you could take today, which could over time make significant difference to your life and the life of others? Please just make it count – I'm sure you can find something….

Please you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you! :)

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Anastasiya April 1, 2011

Love the post and the steps you mentioned here!


Solvita April 1, 2011

Anastasiya, You are welcome!… keep the faith and I’m sure you will see the fruit coming your way very soon indeed! :)


Thea April 2, 2011

So true!  I have had a bad habit of trying to do WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much too soon. But the result of that is often frustration and giving up. It's more important to be diligent with a little than inconsistent with much! Great tips :-)


Solvita April 2, 2011

Thank you Thea! When you do the small actions steps consistently it can create a giant quantum leap one day, and you start to wonder where all the riches, opportunities and happiness come from :)


Michele April 2, 2011

Great reminder and just exactly what I needed to hear. It is so easy to get discouraged, but taking things in small bits over time makes the process of anything seem to flow easier and more effectively. Thanks Solvita.


Solvita April 2, 2011

Hi Michele, I’m glad you stopped by…it is good to remind ourselves that whatever we do it could be small or big…everything counts 😉 and when we know that the small things build a ‘bigger picture’, we are more willing to do our daily work and that is how we can enjoy life so much more.


Carol Giambri April 2, 2011

HI Solvita,
Great article and steps.  Small steps, keep the faith and more.  I remember Covey on his little plastic give away saying to keep the end result and work backwards.  If we can work from the back we can see where we want to end up. I tend to see the mountain of stuff like paper piles and seems endless.  I need to practice what I read–little steps every day will get the mission accomplished.  Thanks for sharing.


Solvita April 3, 2011

Thank you Carol! You will get your mission accomplished… I can hear the passion in everything you do :)


Jaime White April 3, 2011

Great article Solvita. I struggle with wanting the end result too soon without putting in the work first. It is a process but I had to retrain my mind to appreciate each small step. And not start the negative self talk when the end result is not reached. Small steps keeps the momentum and Faith keeps you making those small steps.


Solvita April 3, 2011

Hi Jaime, thanks for stopping by! Yes- the mind is flexible and you can retrain it. When you start appreciate the little things you do daily, you tap into the flow of Divine energy, which then leads you to be able to do much more significant things with ease and mastery…:)


Antoine McCoy April 4, 2011

You communicate your ideas very well and I love your posts.  My greatest challenge is wanting to do too much.  Thanks for reminding me to do the small steps and do them consistently.  Also, I need to take a short nap/rest to refuel myself before I move to the next task.  I will start that tomorrow.


Solvita April 4, 2011

Thanks Antoine, I’m glad you stopped by… well the nap’s are the secret to my well being… shhh 😉


Sue Graber April 4, 2011

Solvita, I needed to read this article today  I agree with all of the above comments!  Sounds like we all want things to happen NOW, but we also all know it IS a step by step process.  You conveyed this wonderfully!!!   Thank you!


Solvita April 4, 2011

Sue, it’s nice to see you here – thanks a lot for your warm words! :)


Donovan Grant April 4, 2011

Thanks Solvita, my big challenge is wanting to do everything at once because they are all good and interesting things. When I slow down and prioritise I find that I get more things done quicker. One thing at a time!


Solvita April 4, 2011

Thanks Donovan, yes focus and priorities help a lot, when you know what small action steps you can do regularly and will bring the fruit, you can then keep your focus on them and just DO IT! :)


Sandy May 11, 2011

great content, greatly needed


Solvita May 11, 2011

Thank You Sandy!


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