How to Master Motivation for Exercise and Find Inner Calm

by Solvita Bennett on January 15, 2012

7 Easy Steps on how to Master Motivation for Exercise…

"Our body is our garden – our wills are our gardeners."

William Shakespeare


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Dear Friend,

… We hear all the time about the importance of exercise and a healthy life style. We also know that to have inner peace it is vital to not only look after our spirituality and mind, but also to make our physical body healthy and strong. At the end of the day our body is our temple.

…The hardest obstacle we often find is to get motivated and do the exercise. So today I’ll give you 7 easy steps to keep you motivated and get started.

7 Easy Steps to Master Motivation for Exercise

Step #1 Making our self-worth a priority.

You are the biggest asset that you have and investing in yourself is priority. We know that a healthy mind is also a happy mind. Physical body is your vehicle and you need it to be strong, so it can take you to great places. So often we do make everything a bigger priority than ourselves. We find many excuses for neglecting a vital part of us, which is our body. Now is the time to make self-worth a priority and invest in it.

Step #2 Include exercise in your weekly plan.

I am very busy and I’m sure you are too; the last thing on the list will be to do exercise. We have to sit down and find the way to fit it in our weekly plan. It may be that we have to make some tough decisions, but your well-being and inner peace has more value than anything else. At the end of the day what can be more important than your health.

Step #3 Use your willpower at the start.

It will not come naturally. You may not find yourself jumping out of the bed and wanting to exercise, so many don’t. So to wait for the day when it will happened is the same as waiting for a dinosaur to appear before you. We will have to force ourselves the first 2 to 3 weeks and use our WILLPOWER. The good news is that it will blend into our routine eventually and become a habit, so the forcing part will fall away and it will become easier.

Step #4 Be gentle to yourself at the beginning.

It is not about competition and it is all about you and your well being. What happens often is that people jump in and burn quickly, to never try again. The best approach is to start slowly, gently and lovingly at the beginning. The art is to listen to your body with care and do everything necessary to make it strong the right way. If you need any medical advice first, it is a good time to check, as we all are different in our physical ability. It is good to know what is the best exercise for our body and most importantly what should we avoid doing. The key is to listen to your body, don’t just rush into it. It is good to know when is too much. So and when you will know what you are doing, it will be so much better to add more effort and so push yourself harder.

Step #5 Make your workout enjoyable.

I personally do what I enjoy doing the most. I don’t like running, however I like spinning classes. I don’t like swimming, but I like yoga. There are so many and even very interesting choices. You have to find something that you really enjoy the most. Approach it playfully and just try different activities, depending on your physical abilities. It is even better if you would find a friend you could do it together with. It is so much more fun when we have somebody with us.

Step #6 Stop checking the weight.

This is what I find with others and myself; we just can’t get away from those scales and so tend to check our weight every so often. However this is what we must remember, when we exercise our muscle weight goes up as muscle is heavier than fat, so we may find that we become heavier. We can become disappointed and so give up our new exercise routine and reach for that fatty cake once again… 😉 Don’t weigh yourself for at least two weeks; instead just feel the new energy flowing through your body providing you with new positive thoughts and a great mood. Focus on how you feel rather than how you look at the beginning. The looks and weight will follow.

Step #7 Reward yourself.

This is what we often forget. We can sometimes be too critical to see ourselves especially at the beginning feeling a bit disappointed about our physical abilities. However this is such a demeaning approach, as I said in step 4 you have to be gentle and kind as possible and this is important, so to even emphasize this you also have to find a way to reward yourself for doing the exercise. At the beginning it is not important to look at the great achievements as they will come, but to look at the commitment you have made to yourself and feel good about sticking to the plan. Sticking to a plan and doing the exercise is a huge step. :) So decide on reward you are going to have at the end of every week for a month. It should be something healthy or beautiful to suit your new lifestyle. Treat yourself to something you want.

… We tend to compare ourselves with others and also our physical abilities. Never fall for this trap my friend. Think of you and only compare your abilities from one day to another whilst exercising. You can get inspiration from others though, however the main focus should be on how your body feels functions and serves you. The key is to focus on how you feel rather than how you look. Your feeling and sense of achievement is key.

At the very beginning the achievement is to – JUST DO IT!
…I will repeat this again, it is huge to be gentle and loving towards yourself, be content with what ever your abilities are. The truth is that with the time the physical form of your body will change and you will start to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

These 7 steps will keep you motivated my friend. Remember your physical body is your temple and it is your duty to look after it with love and care.

Your worth is in your unconditional love towards your body, mind and spirit. You deserve the finest lifestyle my friend.
Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you. :)


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DianeDP January 15, 2012

Solvita, thanks for the inspirational post! It comes at a good time… just after people like me try to exercise, and then stop.


Solvita Bennett January 16, 2012

Hi Diane, thank you for getting inspiration from motivation! :)… Now is time to go and just do it ~ start gently and you will see how much easier it is to continue once in routine! See you back soon!


Hughie Bagnell January 16, 2012

Hi Solvita…Yes, our body certainly is ‘our temple’ and God’s temple…Thanks for sharing the motivation to “Just Do It” …Cheers, Hughie :)


Solvita Bennett January 16, 2012

Hughie so nice to see you in here! Yes, sometimes is better just get started and just doing it…


denny hagel January 16, 2012

Great point… “Making our self-worth a priority.” too often especially parents forget the importance of self-care. Thanks for sharing this important reminder! :)


Solvita Bennett January 18, 2012

So true Denny, especially parents need to be reminded about self-worth, I know it for myself as a parent… we tend to run and run, get stressed and then become impatient with our kids….once we take care about our health and a supreme state of mind, we also set a great example to those who depend on us and are able to assist in a much bigger way. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! :)


Jennifer Bennett January 17, 2012

This is just what I needed Solvita! I am determined to get back into a regular exercise routine and I just love your tips, especially being gentle with yourself at the beginning. I know that for myself, if I feel as though I can’t run a marathon from the get-go, then I can at times, get down on myself. I have to consistently remind myself that I’m just beginning and instead of feeling disappointed, look at what I accomplished and what I can accomplish in the future. Thanks for sharing!


Solvita Bennett January 18, 2012

Thank you Jen, great you are now ready to get into a regular exercise routine, it is so vital for your inner peace and confidence and you have all the inspiration and motivation to start it an a right way my beautiful friend! Love :)


Jandi Theis January 18, 2012

Thank you for these motivational steps… I can definitely use them! I love your audio recording! You are very calming & encouraging… I found myself immediately relaxed & focused when listening. Thank you!


Solvita Bennett January 18, 2012

Thank you Jandi, so wonderful to hear that my audio was a nice experience for you, my new year’s resolution was to give to my readers more than just a plain article, so they can experience the inner calm and gain confidence through listening too… I think videos will follow soon :)


Susan Preston January 20, 2012

Thank you, Solvita for another Beautiful and Inspiring article. I love the audio, too! What resonated with me the most is, “Now is the time to make self-worth a priority and invest in it.” That is so powerful! If more people thought this way, whatever they were trying to do…they would definitely be successful at it. I appreciate you sharing your Brilliance & Wisdom with all of us in your writing :)


Solvita Bennett January 22, 2012

Thank you Susan for your kind comment! I appreciate you and it is wonderful you stopped by. :)


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