Find Your Inner Peace – The Art of Goal Setting

by Solvita Bennett on June 3, 2011

Discover the Art of Goal Setting, so you can find your Inner Peace

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that set sail with no destination."
Fitzhugh Dodson

…Why do we need to set goals?

For you to be happy in life it’s important to have a purpose to live. By setting goals you are actually designing your destiny consciously and questioning what is that purpose you are here for. You can find answers to many life's questions whilst setting your goals.

  • Have you ever wondered what is that thing you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • What are the qualities in other people that you admire the most?

  • What are the books you read most of the time and can’t put down?

  • What inspires you the most?

  • What do you value most?

…When you have your goals you will have the feeling that you are living your Life's purpose. This is how you gain energy, motivation, inspiration and inner peace.

…As humans our mind needs something to focus on. Often people are just thinking how to get over a week, or how to survive from one payday to another. They just can’t be bothered to make any effort to use their imagination, visualization or any other resources available to them in the process of creating the life which would inspire them. Most of the time people spend more time on creating their shopping list than their goals. And then they wonder why their life is not what they want, feel worried and miserable. …When we don’t have goals we lose our energy, motivation and inner peace.

…The goals are not just to achieve the status or acquire more material things. It is also about what you learn by growing intellectually, spiritually and emotionally on the way to achieving your goal. What person you become as a result. Just the same as studying at university. It’s not only to get the peace of paper – it is more about meeting people, having different experiences, seeing the world in different ways… In other words it is the journey that counts as much as the arrival!
When you are working on designing your goals and moving towards your targets, the goals are working on you. When you have your goals set, your mind has something to focus on and steer you the right way to achieve them. It is  like a ship would have it’s captain and wouldn’t be tossed and turn every time there is a wave or an obstacle in the way.

…When you set your goal, it is also very important to get feedback on the way to achieving it, so you can then adjust your targets. As there will be setbacks on the way, though when you know where you are heading to – you can be flexible and correct the course steering the right direction.
…It is important to be precise when you create your goal and image it in your mind. As you may know that our thoughts create our worlds…The Art of Goal Setting is to find out precisely what you really want and involve your creativity using your imagination, focus, faith and dedication.

These 4 Simple Steps will help you to Create Your goals and shape your Destiny.

1. Idealization.

Make a list as long as you wish with things you desire. Don't think about how it might happen, just get wild and list whatever comes to your mind… Go through the list and find the TOP 3 GOALS. Choose one of those 3 and go to the next step.

2. Visualization.

Now imagine that you’ve achieved your goal. How would you feel? Write down the feelings you would have; would it be security, freedom, respect or love? These are your true values. For example if you think that money is your goal. Think what would you feel, if you would have the money you want? If your answer is: "I will feel secure and people will love me." Your values are security and love. In order to achieve your goal, you'll have to work on the state of mind, which would make you feel secure and loved, as these are actually the things you really value, and money will come to you much easier. When you focus on things as the ultimate goal without knowing what would you feel and what are the values, there is no emotional involvement to achieve the goal, so it makes it much harder to be motivated to achieve it. 

What is your life's purpose? What is it that you would do if you would have unlimited wealth? What if you could achieve anything you want in this life time what it would be? What is that you admire in other people? And see if the goal is part of your life's purpose. When your goal is in alignment with the purpose of your life, you will have incredible power on your side achieving it. You will be full of energy, dedication, passion, enthusiasm, inspiration to manifest it.

Now imagine your ideal day. Think in details what your ideal day would be like, when you've achieved your goal. Imagine in the greatest detail possible. This is very important. Starting from the morning up till going to bed. You could write down as a story of your ideal day. Think about everything, how and what would you feel, what would you smell, people you would meet, the places you would go. Be creative and  just fantasize. You might want to keep the story to refer to it as often as you can, because the more emotions you can involve in desiring to achieve your goal the better, it should feel to you as possible.

3. Validation.

It is always good to check if the goal is good for other people as well. If achieving your goal involves suffering, sacrifice from others, you might re-think if it is worth the effort.

Sometimes we are influenced by others and so we pick the goals, which are not really for us.

Set the timescale. What events need to happen in order to achieve your goal? What is the order of these events and then see how long it would take you to achieve it? Imagine your end result and then work backwards. See how many years, months, weeks or days you will need to achieve it.

Now think what potential setbacks or obstacles you could experience on the way? It is good to do this beforehand so you can be better equipped or more prepared. Is it that you might need specialized knowledge or more confidence. Are you going to be able to finish what you start? Ask yourself: “ What do I need to become in order to achieve this goal?”

List all resources that are available to you now in order to start achieving your goal. It can be friends, skills, transport, and phone, computer, your voice, hands, everything you can think of.

4. Manifestation.

Get a symbol that you can associate with your goal. This symbol will help to remind you and give focus. Have whatever works best for you – it can be a picture, a screen saver, a scrap book – any object to offer a visual reminder.

Focus on your goal regularly!

Take action. Every day take at least one action step which gets you closer to achieving the goal.

…When you work on the goal setting – have a playful approach to it. Do this when you feel good, play it as a game, and have fun. The more fun you have – the more creativity will come to you. When you set the goals from your heart and not intelligence this is when they can really start manifesting your desires. Use the art of goal setting and you will find your inner peace…

Please you are welcome to share your thoughts and comments below. I'd love to hear from you :)

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Carol Giambri June 4, 2011

Solvita, Thanks for reminders here on goal setting. One walk away is focus and have inner peace. Doing it regular too.


Solvita Bennett June 4, 2011

Thanks Carol for your comment! Yes – focus is one of the critical parts of the Art of Goal Setting 😉


Lou June 4, 2011

Hi Solvita another one of your great articles on finding your inner peace. Setting your goals and achieving them is always a good way of feeling good about yourself and getting that postive calm approach in what each one of us does to achieve them. Loved it.


Solvita Bennett June 4, 2011

Lou, thanks for stopping by! Yes – when you know the direction you are heading to in your life and that direction is chosen by no one else but you – it creates peace within.


Claudia Looi June 4, 2011

Solvita, I like how you also add action plan into goal setting. Many times I realized, having all the goals will not work unless I take actions everyday. I like the picture…cruise? of your goals?


Solvita Bennett June 4, 2011

Dear Claudia – thank you for stopping by! Yes – it is not enough to have a plan; we must take actions and do whatever it takes to reach our destination …cruise ship- sounds good as one of the goals 😉


Sue June 5, 2011

Solvita, I love what you say about describing your Ideal Day…It IS good to have this in your mind and heart so that you realize why you are working so hard on your goals and helps you put your action plan into place!!! Thanks for all the great reminders!


Solvita Bennett June 6, 2011

Sue, thank you! Yes- it is so true, when we can have it in our minds; it gives us faith and motivation to keep going regardless of temporary setbacks…


Deeone December 28, 2011

Hi Solvita,

This is my first time visiting your site, and I have really enjoyed my visit. Thank you for following me on Twitter, as well.

The steps you’ve provided will definitely help us to accomplish those goals we’ve set for ourselves; as well as create the destiny we seek as well. In applying daily action towards those things we aspire for our future, we’re sure to make those goals a reality. Persistence and dedication is of the utmost importance if we are serious about what we want.

You’ve shared a valuable lesson here, and it will prove to be very helpful for those that choose to incorporate what it takes to get what they want.

I will definitely be returning. Thanks again. And a very Happy New Year to you and yours as well. :)


Solvita Bennett January 1, 2012

Hi Deeone, thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is great to see you here!


cheryll February 1, 2013

Thank you so much! I’ve gotten so much positive reinforcement from your blog. I have several toxic people in my immediate environment, it was reaffirming to hear I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions. There have been several tragic events recently in my life. I have been able to over come them by trying to recognizing the lessons I’ve needed to learn, fix what I can, and giving the rest to the lord to “fix”. It isn’t always the way I would have done it but I do have to say he has always had a better idea :) I consider your advise as a very large blessing I’ve received today! I don’t know if I can keep up with the journal but will make the attempt. It is an excellent idea. Thanks for the joy I feel again and hope you feel the same


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