Filling the Void and Reaching Inner Peace

by Solvita Bennett on March 18, 2012

5 Simple Steps to Fill the Void and Have Inner Peace…

"Let me call upon the inner strength I have within to open

all doorways for me today;

so all that I wish for or want – will easily be fulfilled."

~ Eleesha

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Dear Friend,

… We all know how at times we like to escape reality, when it is not pleasing to us or not manifesting in the way we want it to. When we feel down we like to reach for something what we believe would give us immediate relief and so we turn to things like excess unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, sex, self-pity, anger or violence…

…The other day I heard in the news that more and more young mothers turn to alcohol. Today more than ever young mothers are experiencing pressure, of not only being a good mum, but also looking good, finding the way to create income. We look at magazines full of beautiful, slim mums, who run their own businesses, have a job, are successful and are perfectly great with the childcare too. However the pictures and images may look perfect, the reality is far from it.

We all know to raise children is no fairy tale and it requires hard work, and so more and more young mothers are creating a void.

This void is hard to fill without looking deep within and so they are filling it through drinking alcohol. This is sad, as without help, awareness and understanding the solution can be out of reach for so many. This is just one example of how easy it is to create a void in ones life.

So what is a void and how can we deal with it in a healthy way?

A void is created by focusing on something we want to have or want to be and feel lack of. In other words rather than focusing and feeling joy of what we have, we focus on something that is missing and so feel empty, unworthy, frustrated, unloved, stressed and even ill.

So how can we fill the void in a positive and healthy way? Now, let’s look at some simple steps on how to do it.

5 Simple Steps to Fill the Void and have Inner Peace:

#1. Become aware.

I know many times before in my articles I mention awareness, but this is the most important step. When we try to mask our void by filling it in a damaging way with excess and harmful substances, we hide the true reason and source, by masking it.

So instead of helping ourselves, we actually make it even larger. Unfortunately without facing the truth and looking square in the face of the problem, we can never expose it to light and dissolve it. To become aware of what it is that makes us feel the void is the first step.

#2. Bringing the void to light.

There is something missing in our lives when we feel the void. It may be material things or non-material things like love, friendship, attention, and support.

There are also many situations, that we will not be able to do anything about. For example, we may chase after something, that would make us chase after something else even more. So we end up focusing more on something that we can’t have, or something we can have but feeling the absence of.

It is good to acknowledge what the missing piece is and actually accept the current situation without attachment or resentment. By acceptance of what is and by being OK with it, we are creating a space for healing to happen.

As it is not hidden anymore, we can start changing and improving our reality in a healthy way.

#3. Filling the void.

You can’t fill the gap between what you have and what you are being and what you want to have and be, by focusing on what is missing. We can fill the void by accepting everything that we currently are and have. By focusing on things that we are able to influence and do in this current moment. By really making everything that we currently treasure in life bigger and more dominant to the point that we can simply forget that what is missing. So to fill the void we have to deliberately focus on all we can find in our life that we like.

Once we can do that, we immediately join the flow of life and our point of attraction changes, this is so important to know my friend.

Once you feel naturally uplifted you will not reach for those harmful substances, which can make your life a misery.

#4. Joining the flow of life.

The way to join the flow of life is actually simple and yet so many people look for complex ways and miss it all together. We have to ease our mind a bit and let go of those harmful thoughts that so often come up. The grip of mind can be very strong.

When we ease a bit and let the thoughts just wander without attachment, let the facts flow by and pay no attention to, we can then access that inner place of peace.

Meditation is an amazing tool to achieve this. :)

Why do we need to clear our mind? When we clear the mind, we also ease the resistance towards the things that we desire, and so they can come to us. The more we feel that we are missing something, the more resistance we actually create and are not letting them to flow to us.

One of the best ways is to start looking for beauty, intelligence, love in as many things as possible. Going to nature, looking at flowers, even beautiful pictures, architecture, art can help you to join the flow of life. As when we feel appreciation it raises our energy my friend.

#5. Finding solutions.

Once we are in the flow of life, it is much easier to look for solutions and find them, as they will be coming from a perfect and right place.

As I mentioned before, when we are focusing on things that we currently can’t have or do anything about makes us frustrated and creates a void, so we have to look round and see if we can do anything with those things that we already have.

The solutions will unfold once you become happy with what you currently have, no matter how small or insignificant.

When you STOP putting the things you can’t do anything about ahead of those you can, you will close that void… We all have our voids at times; the only difference is how do we fill it.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you :)


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Sarah Costanzo March 18, 2012

I have had only one cigarette in my life, I’m trying to focus on healthy
living riding my bike I feel will streghthen my body it relaxes me and brings
me inner clam I feel hopeful about the future. Sarah


Solvita Bennett March 18, 2012

Dear Sarah, this is so good to know, thank you for stopping by! Strong and relaxed body can support us in a best way, especially when dealing with challenges that life presents us with daily.


Claudia March 19, 2012

Is like looking at a glass half empty. Great points Solvita.


Solvita Bennett March 19, 2012

Absolutely Claudia, it is even worse… it is as looking only at the empty part and ignoring the other half. The void is really place, which makes us see what is missing and focusing exclusively on that…Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.


Michele March 19, 2012

Beautiful post Solvita. I love your gentle way of guiding us through various challenges. Sometimes it can be difficult to se our lives and full. Seeing what we think we are lacking can seem so big.


Solvita Bennett March 19, 2012

Yes Michele… it can be so big that we can really lose our way, it is important to change the focus on time, so we can get back to the path we are destined to go. Thank you so much my friend for leaving your comment, I appreciate it! :)


Matthew Reed March 19, 2012

“When you STOP putting the things you can’t do anything about ahead of those you can, you will close that void…”
What a great quote Solvita. Action on things that we CAN act on is so important.


Solvita Bennett March 19, 2012

Thank you Matthew. This is what we have to remember and it will help to get the life back for many. It is great you stopped by. See you soon.


Anastasiya Day March 19, 2012

Solvita, love reading your posts! Great steps and points. Thanks for sharing :)


Solvita Bennett March 19, 2012

Thank you my friend, it is pleasure to have you here. :)


Diane Dolinsky-Pickar March 19, 2012

A lot of great wisdom here, Solvita. My favorite point: You can’t fill the void by focusing on what is missing. So true! Thank you so much for sharing.


Solvita Bennett March 23, 2012

Thank you Diane! :)


Sherie March 21, 2012

This is a brilliant post, Solvita and I so appreciate the clarity of your approach to filling the void and finding inner peace! I love how you point out that when we feel appreciation, it raises our energy. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! Love the post, thank you, my dear Solvita!


Solvita Bennett March 23, 2012

It is great you stopped by and left a comment too! You are very welcome Sherie, it means a lot to know that you enjoyed my message. :)


Barbara Peters April 2, 2012

ahh what a lovely site you have. No you can’t fill a void by focusing on what is missing. So true! I will have to visit more often. I really love your message.


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Thank you Barbara, I am glad you loved my message, see you soon! :)


Tony Taylor April 2, 2012


These are great tips, thanks for sharing!


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Thanks for stopping by Tony and leaving a comment, appreciate it!


Karla Campos April 2, 2012

Great article Solvita, many people focus on what is missing in their lives instead of focusing on what they have and I am not exempt since I have done this at times. Keep up the awesome work!


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Thank you Karla! :)


Marie Leslie April 4, 2012

thank you again, Solvita, for another thoughtful post that is just what I need. It is so easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what we lack instead of all the wonderfulness we have in our lives. I will be pondering on and incorporating your wonderful wisdom into my life once again.


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Hi Marie, so appreciate your comment and it is great to see you here once again.


Heather E. Nelson April 6, 2012

In search of seeking for a short time for any good quality view involving this one point . Researching in Search engines I eventually have discovered this page. Reading this So i’m thrilled to say that I have a really good sense I discovered just what I was looking for. For certain i will make sure to don’t forget this web-site and check it out constantly.


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Thank you Heather! Have a wonderful day! :)


Susan Preston April 7, 2012

Love, love, love this Solvita! I am working with a client who wants to be finished with drinking, so I have been given similar suggestions to them to fill that void and have that same feeling that alcohol gives them, but by replacing it with healthy ways! Thank you for sharing your great wisdom and knowledge. Happy Easter, beautiful. x0x


Solvita Bennett April 8, 2012

Thank you so much Susan, such a great approach…. replacing is the key. I find it so important, as when we want to get rid of damaging habits, without replacing them with something else, it is nearly impossible. Happy Easter to you too my friend! xox


denise March 6, 2013

I feel my void may be because I’m 53 married and don’t have children. I need fulfillment in my life so I can leave feeling I have done my deed


Solvita Bennett March 7, 2013

Dear Denise, it is not your higher self, which needs you to fulfill this void, but rather the lower one. You are amazing as you are and children or no children can not change that. However there are many ways to help your lower self to find some comfort. Often people get pets, some volunteer to help in schools, help children in need, even adopt. I don’t know that much of the details… you have to see how you could comfort that part of you, which makes you feel this void. It is so nice you stopped by. Appreciate you!


Carol Priore March 21, 2013

I married my high school sweetheart and we have 3 amazing children . Over the past 10 years financial stress has taken a huge toll on our relationship. This never knowing when we can pay the bills. Never having any extra money to do anything with the family. Never planning a holiday with the family. Puberty kids that do not make life any easier as they are growing and searching themselves. A father which has Parkinson’s and my mother nursing him and being so far away I can’t help. I always worked up until our third child turned three then I became a stay at home mom. All this has just turned me from a carefree always positive person to someone which always worries anxiety is now also here….when I get anxious I turn to food, so I have gained 40 extra kilos I don’t need. My husband only hands me some Monet either to buy food or to go to the hospital. I am exhausted drained and don’t even recognize myself from pictures of 8 years ago … I feel very lost and need to find my life back and more importantly my inner peace


Solvita Bennett March 24, 2013

Dear Carol, thank you for stopping by and also sharing your story, my friend. We all at times feel lost in many ways and are searching for a new direction. This life you are leading right now sounds to me as you don’t live, but just trying to survive. It is not the way it is meant to be. Inner peace starts from within. First we find it and feel content, then we add to it and feel happy. Change requires a lot of effort and determination, yet to get out of your situation you will have to work on yourself (from within first) and most importantly stick to your plan. You are important not only to yourself, but to your amazing children and all, who love you, including God or the Universe. It can be hard, especially when money are tight, but first you have to change the focus. As long as you will blame others for everything what happened in your life, you will become weaker and weaker and so lose your natural power and ability to turn it around. However we all have this power within, regardless of any situation, rise above and gain strength, make new, fresh plans and change our situation. However all starts from within and so the first step is to declare to yourself that this is your life, what ever mess you are in (or your body) you made it so and now as you made it so, you can turn it around and change it. Accept it as it is, stop the blame with yourself or others. Forget any guilt you may have from your past through forgiveness. Only through acceptance and taking full responsibility of your life, you will create a new space for change to happen. Then once you have agreed, you have to start feeling energy of life force within you and this is through appreciation for all that you are and have. When you can find more and more things or people you can feel appreciation towards, you will let the power of love join you and through deep breathing enjoy the life energy, which will renew you. You are naturally abundant in everything… health, love, friendships, wealth and only through stress, blame, guilt and so fear you can stop this abundance. Find that relaxing space within first and from there slowly but surely you will find your natural smile. Once you are smiling and breathing deeply, look at your life and map out how do you want it to be. It may be that it is time to look for a job? The opportunities are so many, once we can open our mind. Please read some other articles and keep listening to MP3’s in here, many people have transform their lives through doing so. As you say inner peace is very important and this is really true and comes first. Thank you! :)


Casey July 23, 2013

I grew up without my birth father in my life. Recently, he has tried to get back into my life (mostly because his father passed and that was one of his wishes). I was close with my grandfather, very close. I see him put in half effort and so much of my life has passed that its too late for him to even try to be a father to me. I have excelled in school and in everything I do. I see him helping out his other kids and I see myself struggling with this sometimes. This article has helped me a lot. Thank you. 


Solvita Bennett August 4, 2013

Dear Casey, I completely understand what you feel. You are complete and total. You are simply wonderful and no need of a father, who is not there for you with his whole heart and love. I had very similar situation and maybe even worse. 😉 (hugs) Appreciate you stopped by and your wonderful comment!


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