Boost Your Self-Confidence and Connect to Inner Peace (Part I)

by Solvita Bennett on August 6, 2011

How to Develop Self-Confidence and Inner Peace…


"Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others."

Leib Lazarow

This is the first article of “Boost Your Self-Confidence” series. Before I get more into this huge subject I want to say that the main secret of self-confidence is that – you already have it :)

There are many books written and courses given how to become self-confident which actually is your true nature. It is just the way we can get it back. I'll give you tips, techniques and methods which will help you. 

We need self-confidence when we are uncertain about something, when we are certain we are already confident. However the degree of certainty differs from person to person and also some techniques might work for some better than others. You have a choice and make the best of it!

… Why do I say that you are already confident and that is your natural state? When you watch small babies you will see that they are all confident with themselves. They cry when they need something and expect to be served; they don’t have any doubt that no one will assist them. When you think how helpless they are and at the same time how confident they feel. So how it can be we develop this feeling of uncertainty about ourselves and our abilities. It happens for many reasons.

Through life experiences we pick up many unconfident habits. We lose our self-confidence, which is actually our natural state of being. We learn that we must compete, compare ourselves with others. We've told by other “well meaning” people that we are not good enough in one way or the other. We may become conscious of how we look or speak and due to the competitive mindset.

The mastery of confidence comes very handy when we are faced with situations like meeting people we never met before, talking in public, giving presentation, performing well in exams, winning in sport, succeeding in what ever we do…

You may know that imagination and feelings are the most important part to feel self-confident. If we imagine something going wrong, we really can't keep calm and confident. So in order to be confident we have to learn what is "this feeling of confidence" so we can recreate this feeling again and again, when we need it. First of all I'll  give you a technique which will help you to get the feeling of confidence in an easy way. This technique is used by many influential people and it is very powerful.

5 Easy Steps to the Feeling of Confidence:

#1 Let’s start with imagination. Imagine…. what do you think a confident person should look like?

#2 Now close your eyes and imagine someone you know well and who is confident. Remember how this person holds himself or herself, moves… how he/she smiles, how do they speak and what is the tone of their voice and expression on their face?

#3 Now imagine that you are that person. You could imagine that you are an actor playing the role of the person you just imagined. It is like floating in that person and now imagine how it would feel to be this confident person. What do you feel? How do you feel? What do you see? The important part is here to get that feeling of being confident, by using the same physical expressions through imagination.

#4 Now pick up this feeling of confidence and float out back to yourself, and open your eyes.

#5 So how do you feel when you are as confident as the person you admire? Get as much feeling of confidence as you can.

 If you have a good imagination – this technique will be very easy to start with.

But if you don’t -the following will help you…

If you have a confident person in your mind and you can get a video of that person speaking or doing something, watch the video and remember all you can: the way they speak, act, respond, talk… and then try to watch it again and again, until you can repeat the same in your mind. Then try the imagination exercise again. This time it should be easy.

… If for us is difficult to get the feeling of confidence, as we might not know what it really feels like, this way of 'modelling' can give us a state of feeling confident.

You don’t have to be the same as that person, however you need to know what it would look or feel like if you would be confident.

As without knowing and having your confident self-image in your mind it would be hard to get self-confidence.

I believe that everyone can become confident when applying some techniques. The hard part is just the beginning and the willingness to practise. However with persistence it becomes second nature, until you wont even notice you are confident, because it will be your normal state.

Try the exercise and see how it works for you. Do it when you're in a good mood and just have some fun with it. Imagine you are an actor and see how you pick up those feelings, energy of a confident person. By just only mimicking their physical expressions, your feelings will change too.

It might be hard at first and I can understand, as we know that only practice makes a master. Don't give up and think this is not going to work, it worked for many and it will work for you! It is the same when a child starts to walk, at start it falls over so many times and then starts to walk with confidence.

Let's do this together.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you! :)


  Solvita Bennett is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.

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Katrina Moody August 18, 2011

I like this – a key part of living well is being able to let go of stress that can keep you from growing. Moving on to the second part and thanks for the great encouragement. -Kat


Solvita Bennett August 19, 2011

Yes – stress can hold us back from confidence and create life of suffering…thanks for stopping by Katrina! :)


Ebby April 16, 2012

Thanks for the tips, i’ll try them out, i’m sure it will work.


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