5 Simple Ways to Pick Yourself Up and Have Inner Calm

by Solvita Bennett on April 15, 2012

How to Pick Yourself Up Quickly and Efficiently…

"Through appreciation, I come to accept all that is good and all that is bad. For in the appreciation of both, I discover the TRUTH to all things – I am yet to learn and understand."

~  Eleesha ~

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Dear Friend,

… We all have days where we feel down or bored. Some people describe this feeling as being stuck. Sometimes even the weather can influence our feelings. The good thing is to remember that you are not on your own and there are many, who feel this way, some more often and some less.

The feeling of constant happiness and joy is achievable, but it requires a lot of work and also knowledge…

There are people who have achieved this amazing level, but there are so many more who are so used to their state of surviving rather than thriving, who would benefit from some dose of encouragement and inspiration to enjoy their lives better. Today I’ll share with you some tips, you could use to pick yourself up…

5 Simple Ways to Pick Yourself Up:

#1 Accepting the Reality.

Accepting the reality is key to move into better place. When we ignore what we feel, what we are being and what we are experiencing, it is the same as running away from something that is. Something that is now is the result of our past thoughts that have manifested. This doesn’t mean that you’ve been bad or good in any way; this only means that it was created by you, based on what you’ve been feeling and therefore being. Attraction is something that happens to us most of the time unconsciously, based on our beliefs and most dominant thoughts that support them.

Once we can agree that we create our reality based on our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, only then we can take over complete responsibility of our life, reality, and creations. So by accepting what is now today at this moment of time, immediately allows us to become conscious co-creators of our future reality.

I struggled with this concept for a long time myself. It is hard to accept reality, if it is not pleasing us. However my past provided me with some incredible lessons, and so I could become the person I am now, even though I am not perfect, as there are endless ways to evolve and progress, it gives me amazing confidence of trust in God, Universe and laws of nature. I know that what ever happens is going to benefit not only myself but others too.

When you want to change yourself, your environment, and your circumstances always start with acceptance. Say yes to what is. Be OK with you and others. This is how you step into your POWER and so become a conscious co-creator of your life.

#2 Make a NEW Plan of Action.

At times we feel overwhelmed with life. We are juggling to many things at once and lose our way. For others it could be completely opposite. They may be bored with everything and even with life. So if anything like that happens to you my friend, it is good to start planning.

Every day can be a new beginning and without a plan, that makes you happy, you will lead your life with a strategy of “hit or miss”, it is not an energetic way of living. It is rather a way of existing.

Think of something you could do that would make your life less complex, boring and more fulfilling. A plan itself is great help to get clear and simplify life. It makes your life more efficient; it frees up your mind and creates more room for enjoyment. The best way is to do this in complete silence; I love creating my plan after meditation.

Your plan should be something that would make you feel happy.

Create something NEW, something that would be inspiring too. Don’t write down only the daily chores, but also something that you would feel happy doing. Stick to your new plan, be positive and even when your plan is blocked, make a new one and find another direction. I love this saying:

“When one door closes, another opens.”

Keep faith in yourself and in your plan all the times my friend. :)

#3 Practice Presence and Let go of Past and Future.

I wrote this in my free report, however I’d like to bring this up in here too. There are time when we feel pain or suffering in present, but most of the time people create suffering from escaping the present moment. By repeating the 'stories' from past, attaching their identities to these stories and so missing the present moment.

The same relates to the future, our imagination can run wild, when we think of future. We can imagine that we will fail, or something bad will happen and again so creating illusion of unnecessary pain, which we experience in a present moment. It is good to snap out of this dream state and focus on what we are doing right now. We are perfectly well equipped with all that we need to feel great in the present.

#4 Grow Love and Appreciation.

You can either grow love or hate. What are you growing my friend? 😉 They are two opposites, the same as fear is the opposite of courage. When we grow love in everything we do, we are on the way to success in all areas. It can be health, wealth, spirituality, or inner peace.

Love is what aligns us with Universe, God or Source. It is what we are built for and so when we go into direction of love, nature is helping us in every way. It is giving us leverage and support.

Love heals; there is no higher energy than love. We can always stop and ask in every situation:

“What am I growing now? Is it love or hate?”

The answer will give you clarity, and if that were something else than love, then you’d know what to do. People often question what love is. It is the same feeling as appreciation.

Unconditional love is something like the Sun shining on everything, giving warmth, light, and happiness regardless of sex, gender, color, race, religion, status, intelligence, or abilities, waiting for nothing in return. We all have access to this incredible life giving energy and so have the ability to use love everyday.

The best way is to start with yourself, and then expand outwards. Start adding love to everything you do, even to activities that you don’t normally enjoy You will feel the difference immediately and notice the transformation.

Appreciate everybody who appears in your presence. You will not only see transformation within yourself, but also in others and your environment as a result.

#5 Positivity is the Way to Success.

Positivity is healing. At times we are so used to negativity, that it starts to consume us and we become a part of it. Our lives are surrounded by negativity and there is no surprise, we feel more comfortable with being negative rather than positive. There are even people who are so overtaken by negative state of mind that they hate positivity in any form or shape. :)

We will find many supporters when we feel negative, as misery loves company. However this is what with time can become our constant point of attraction. It is OK at times to feel negative, but the biggest problems arise, when that feeling becomes so familiar that it gets lost into our unconscious mind. We become a center of attraction for a lot of misery, stress and unhappiness.

We attract what we are being and once we become conscious of what we are being, by being aware of our negativity, we can then change our state of being into positive as soon as we feel it. It requires awareness, especially at the beginning, but soon after some practice, we also become more sensitive to negativity as our being becomes more positive rather than negative. Once we train ourselves to feel the difference, we can keep ourselves in much higher place for so much longer every time.

… It is good to remember that all starts from within. All the answers are given even before we ask. Once we can manage ourselves, our thoughts, our feeling, we can pick ourselves up and move on within a short period of time. We are then able to serve others and experience positive inner calm, confidence, joy, abundance and health. We become more of what we really are and there is nothing and nobody that can stop us feeling great my friend.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you. :)


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Sharon O'Day April 16, 2012

Mindset is like a muscle, Solvita. How often we exercise it … and HOW we use it … determines how it serves us. By consciously investing a little time each day in looking for the positive, by whatever means works for you, over time you find yourself going there automatically. And, as I’ve learned, life is much richer in that space! Thanks for this reminder!


Solvita Bennett April 17, 2012

Absolutely, the word HOW we use that muscle of our Mindset makes all the difference and the good news is that we can train our mind to be our servant and the the other way around. Thank you Sharon, love seeing you here! :)


dlysen April 17, 2012

Grow love and hate… The emotions is not easy to control just let if flow but don’t let go off. Drive your feelings into something that can make you better.


Solvita Bennett April 17, 2012

Hi Dlysen, what you grow ~ expands as simple as that. Love is power and hate is weakness. Choice is yours 😉 Feelings are great indicators and we must listen to them, they tell us in what direction we are heading and so we are then able to change the course on time…


dlysen August 10, 2012

Hi Solvita, I prefer the power of love to grow me, let me learn from the hate that has been a weakness to me. I have a choice to use them in a positive ways of living.


Anita April 17, 2012

Making a new plan of action….Love this and “Action” is the operative word! Absolutely, positivity is the way to success, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your always insightful and inspirational words :)


Solvita Bennett April 17, 2012

Thank you so much Anita for stopping by, appreciate your comment as always! :)


Elaine Shannon April 17, 2012

Thanks for the reminder to be present…I can get so caught up in the stories I play in my head.


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

You are so welcome Elaine. We all at times get caught up ‘in the stories’, so some little reminders come handy. Thank you so much!


Martha Giffen April 17, 2012

Meditation, prayer, and writing 3 pages of whatever comes into my mind first thing in the morning is what helps me stay in a good mindset. You DO have to train your mind. It’s not always easy but I do affirmations, etc. and even created a product to help other people do them same! As you know, our outer world is just a reflection of what is going on in our inner world so we would all be wise to take the time to center and create a balance. That will result in a much better and healthier life! My first time to your blog. It’s awesome!


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

Thank you Martha. Yes, writing is a amazing way to look at our thought patterns and so makes us aware, which is the first step to make any change. So kind of you to leave a comment and it is amazing to know, you loved my blog! :)


Nisha April 18, 2012

Accept the reality and then make a new plan of action – love it! I’ve been having some challenges at work, and sometimes it’s easy to dwell on the negatives, wondering why what worked before isn’t working now. But lately I’ve been working on brainstorming new ideas and formulating new action plans. It makes a world of difference, and you’re completely right – it’s a great pick-me-up to get moving in the right direction.

Great post, and great photo too! :)


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

Thank you Nisha! It is great to know, it resonated with you too. When things seem not working out, it is great to rise up and reach for something new, so we are open to solutions and also new opportunities are able to flow to us… Appreciate your comment.


Marie Leslie April 18, 2012

Thank you for a wonderful post, Solvita that fits right in with the things I’m working on in my life. And I love your audio as well. It is so nice to be able to put a voice with your wise words.


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

Thank you Marie, so great to know, you enjoy listening to my audios. They are there for people to gain more wisdom and also feeling of inner peace, that they already have in them. So wonderful you stopped by. :)


Joanne April 18, 2012

Great insight and very motivational. I was fortunate to grow up with a mother who was an optimist and always looked at the positive in any situation. :-)


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

Thank you Joanne, you were fortunate indeed. So amazing to see you here, have a great day! :)


Susan McKenzie April 18, 2012

Solvita, I especially love the part you wrote about love being the highest energy and how it heals. I believe we can love ourselves and others to life, even when a person is near death, emotionally and physically. What an important concept you are inspiring us to learn – thanks so much!


Solvita Bennett April 21, 2012

Dear Susan, thank you for stopping by. Love is a healing energy and as you say, it is able to transform illness into health, so powerful it is. Appreciate your thoughtful comment.


AJ Perisho April 23, 2012

Thanks for sharing Solvita, very good post!
It’s a great reminder to stay in the present.


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