Increase your Self-Worth NOW – 3 Simple Tips

by Solvita Bennett on July 28, 2013

How to INCREASE your Self-Worth Right NOW…

How to INCRESE your Self-Worth NOW

"ALL is an expression of Divinity as creation – ALL is equally sacred and holy." – David R.Hawkins

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Dear Friend,

… We all know how important self-worth is. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that the way you perceive yourself, the world will perceive you. Success goes hand in hand with ones healthy self-worth. I say healthy, as there can be a fine line where self-worth becomes one of the attributes of an ego driven personality. Where healthy self worth turns into ever attention seeking and demanding ‘unhealthy’ narcissism or self-centeredness. This is not a way to success and can be a pitfall to someone, who is unaware.

… However today I am not going to talk about increasing your ego, but rather the sense of the self-worth of your real being (real YOU). Which is stable, nurturing, kind and loving.

To understand the traps of ego domination, I’ll give you some insights. Ego loves to be in a centre of attention, feel important and be in charge of others or in other words manipulative. Yet it appears powerful, but it is not. When you follow celebrities, you can clearly see how often their self –worth turns into their fall as to maintain ever-increasing demands of ego is hard. To achieve success and then be a slave to it requires a lot of energy.

Success can become unhealthy and when ego takes over they turn to drugs, self-pity and other degrading activities. The unhealthy self-worth (or toxic pride) of ego is something that is not going to last or make someone happy. Ego is of an animal nature, based on emotions and is to quick to turn and so sense of stability is something that ego can’t ever give you.

Not only ego can give you false sense of increased self-worth, but also unhealthy low self-worth. Unhealthy low self-worth (or feeling of unworthiness) is also harmful, not only to you, but other people around you.

The true source of success, health and happiness comes from the higher Self and not from the ego. Your higher or spiritual Self is your real you and so never settle for less. Once you will see this, it will literally transform the way you look at life, people and most importantly you.

The perception of yourself is the key to increase your self-worth. The more connection you can find with your higher Self, the more self-worth you will establish. Once you know that you are an eternal being and not just an appearance in this temporary temple, which is called body, you will find your way to deep appreciation of everything that you are and at the same deep compassion towards all of your shortcomings too. You are worthy and have always been beyond understanding of your mind and this is something that you have to uncover every single day bit by bit. Every one including you plays a crucial part for the world to succeed. Everything gets noted in the universe, your successes and errors you make on the way. We all learn and today we are learning more about self-worth.

3 Simple Tips to increase your self-worth…

#1 Stop that ‘negative thinking’

The feeling of self-doubt can overtake you unexpectedly. Somebody may say something, or some unforeseen events happen. Ego likes to make you believe that your thoughts are YOU or in other words what you think that you are. However this is not true. We pick up thoughts in a form of energy and in the way we are being; we have access to thought from the energy field to which we belong.

So when you feel some thoughts of negative nature try to enter your mind, don’t let them in. I know this may be hard to do, as it requires a high degree of awareness, but at the start even when they enter into your mind, let them go past you without any attachment or involvement and don’t claim them as your own. Refer to them as the thoughts that have nothing to do with you. View them as just data passing through your mind and don’t get any desire to entertain them.

Ego loves suffering and loves thinking. Thinking is what it thrives on, especially negative thinking. The more drama it can create, the more entertaining it is and so it gets a lot of pleasure out of being a victim, being unworthy, being ‘poor me’, being ‘look how bad all is, nobody likes me, nobody wants me’ and so on and on. 😉

Catch this tendency early enough and be honest, did you ask for these thoughts in the first place? You didn't, I’m sure; they just entered your mind. If you didn't ask for them, don’t claim them as yours. Be strong and train yourself. Brain is made for thinking, yet you are more than just a brain, you are master of YOU.

#2 Connect with your Higher Self

Through gaining knowledge about your Higher (spiritual) Self, you will be able to develop a close and strong connection. Higher Self is connected to the Higher Divine Power (or you may call God). This Higher Power makes you worthy no matter what. It is the real source of your life.

The easiest way to get to it is through some simple ways of being with yourself and others. Like for example the feeling of appreciation is incredibly powerful. Some people have a lot of misunderstanding about the feeling of unconditional love, as many mix it up with personal love (attachment, owning or controlling) and it is not the same.

Unconditional love toward yourself and all life is an ultimate shortcut to connection with the Higher Power.

#3 Use practical and simple methods

There are many practical methods you can use to develop the sense of self-worth. It depends on the situation; so many times people become very passive when they hit the feeling of self-doubt. Simple things like daily exercises changes the chemistry of your mind and body, uplifts you and so makes you feel worthy right away. Never underestimate the simple and practical approaches to healthy body and mind. Healthy body is healthy mind and healthy mind is obedient to your amazing real (higher Self). With support of your strong body, mind and your ‘spiritual will’ you become unstoppable and very powerful indeed.

Self-worth becomes your second nature it is healthy and uplifts others too. An amazing tool for connecting to your spiritual Self is meditation. It can be challenging to start with, as so often people can’t master the mind or themselves. It is a true training for your mind, increases your self-worth, intelligence, and changes the chemistry of the brain. At the beginning I felt frustrated, however I was so desperate to succeed, that I didn't give up. Once mastered, now I’m looking forward to it every day. It is truly amazing experience.

Self-worth is something that is natural and given to you as a gift. Treasure, nurture and appreciate it. Be kind and forgiving not only to others, but also yourself. Through love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness self-worth presents itself with such a grace, elegance and ease every single time. Find and use positive affirmations; use anything that helps you every time self-doubt sets in.

Lift up your mood and surrender to the Higher Power ALL that you seem to lose power over every single time. Go ahead and use the tips, you will be amazed of your great newly found self-worth, my friend.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your insights, wisdom, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you. :)


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